Bridal Weight Loss Boot Camp

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Welcome to Bridal Weight Loss Boot Camp

Do you need to know how to lose weight in order to slip perfectly into your dream wedding dress?

I work with brides who want to achieve their dream wedding and enjoy it every step of the way. I ensure that all my brides have a loving and fun bridal experience. My core service is a boot camp for brides who are trying to lose weight but are always hungry. I help them to get to the core of why they over-eat so that they can lose weight easily without the misery of dieting.

  1. Hello lovely bride to be!
  2. Do you need to know how to lose weight fast?
  3. Have you been struggling with restriction diets?
  4. Are you always hungry?
  5. Do you comfort eat when you are stressed/upset/bored/angry/tired/anxious?
  6. Could you benefit by a ten-fold increase in loving feelings?
  7. Would you absolutely love to eat whatever you wanted every single day?

If you have answered yes to more than three of the above questions; then welcome to our Swan Brides Weight Loss Boot Camp!

Over the course of four intensive weeks you will learn:

  • Why exactly YOU over eat
  • Intelligent, simple techniques to identify and release harmful emotions that have been compelling you to over eat
  • Unique strategies that will ensure that you always have as much love as you could possibly need
  • How to think and eat like a naturally slim person.
  • How to release your body from starvation mode so that your excess weight can easily drop off.

Unique Selling Points:

  1. Practical, proven and intelligent step by step process coupled with daily intrinsic motivation, accountability and support.
  2. Confidential, innovative online coaching software that gives you a highly engaging and interactive coaching experience from anywhere, at anytime.

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Telephone:087 7555085

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