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Style and Function


Shopping for running shoes can be a bit confusing especially if you are new to running. There are plenty of styles that are out there but not all styles are functional. The main goal is function and if you can find something that is stylish and functional than you are way ahead of the game.


Nike Free Run Trainers are those shoes. There has been quite a bit of research into which is the best type of shoes for runners. There is a group of runners and experts that feel running without any shoes on at all is the way to get the best run.


While it is very true that getting as close to natural is important in both performance and endurance shoes do have a place in running.


The Free Run Trainers


Nike has managed to create a good looking shoe that is very functional. The Free Run Trainers are offered with three different sole types. This unique running shoe is great for functional style and control.


The ability to choose which shoe is right for you is a definite plus! You can easily choose a shoe that you find stylish and that will give you the function that you want. Nike Free Run Trainers are made of breathable material that keep your feet cool. They offer an ideal fit so you do not have rubbing that causes blistering and other skin problems.


They are flexible and have a flexible outer sole that allows your foot to respond naturally and does not stifle the natural range of motion like so many other shoes do.


Perfect for the Novice


These shoes are ideal for the experienced runner that wants to take things up a notch and are also perfect for the novice. Whether you have been running marathons or are learning how to go around the block a few times the Nike Free Run Trainer is the shoe that meets everyone's needs.


The ability to control the flexibility of the sole and the options of sole heights allows anyone that runs to choose the perfect shoe for their personal level of comfort. The Nike Free Run Trainer enhance the natural movement of your feet instead of forcing your feet to do something that is not natural.


If you are looking for shoes that have both style and function than you should take a look at the Nike Free Run Trainers BEFORE you buy anything else.  

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