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G suite by Google is one package solution to your business it works seamlessly from your computer, tablet or phone. It offers many services all in a single click like Gmail, calendar synchronization, Google +, Hangout for video calls and much more.
Now you can work with your colleague on the same project sitting at your desk, share a document in real time, can have video conference without leaving your desk. The blend of apps boots your business and save a lot of time by maintaining the decorum of your organization.
It also facilitates you to have a customized email address that reflects your domain name in it. If you have a non-Google account like Yahoo, Hotmail, or Aol you can migrate your data to you G Suite account. If want to add just follow the below instruction properly or you can visit G Suite Support for any further query related to your account. Let’s get started.

  • Open your Google Admin console with your administrator email and password.
  • From you inbox dashboard, go to Apps then select G Suite, choose Gmail and then go to Advanced settings.
  • Under the Setup section, select the box the adjacent to User email uploads, this option will allow other users to see the option to import mail and contacts from webmail or POP3 accounts, such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or AOl.
  • If this section is not visible then select your account’s top-level organization under Organization at the top of the page. Maybe this feature is not available when a sub-organization is selected.
  • Click on Save button, this might took some to apply the changes.
  • Now your user can go to Gmail→Settings to start the import process.

By the help of above steps you will be able to enable importing in your G Suite account but if you find any obstacle in any of the above step fell free to call on G Suite technical support number +61-283206037, a team of experts is available there 24/7 to help you out in you difficulty.


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