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The tithes amount to £154.12. 2 ¼., of which £23. 1. 6 ½. is payable to the dean, and £131. 10. 7 ¾. to the incumbent; there is no glebe-house; the glebes of the union comprise 27 ½ statute acres, let on lease for £20. 9. per ann.; and the entire value of the benefice, including glebe and tithe, amounts to £517. 16. 9 ¾. The church, a neat structure, was built in 1821 by a loan of £1846. 3. 1. from the late Board of First Fruits; the spire was struck by lightning and thrown down on the roof, on the first Sunday in Dec. 1832, about two hours before the time of divine service; the church has been recently repaired by a grant of £169 from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.

The R. C. parish is co-extensive with that of the Established Church, and is one of the parishes belonging to the Bishop; the chapel is a spacious edifice, and there are chapels also attached to the Carmelite monastery, and to the convent of sisters of the same order.

The Carmelite monastery, originally founded in 1300 by Richard de Burgh, Earl of Ulster, has, notwithstanding the alienation of its revenues at the dissolution, still preserved a regular succession of members. In consequence of the dilapidated state of the buildings, a chapel and a dwelling-house adjoining it were erected in 1785, of which the former was rebuilt on a more extensive scale in 1816, and the latter in 1829, under the superintendence of the prior, the Rev. Mr. Gannon, at an expense of £4000 (including both), defrayed partly from the funds of the establishment and partly by subscription, to which the Clanricarde family, on whose estate the monastery is situated, liberally contributed.


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