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How much would it cost me to develop a mobile app?

In the recent years, the app market has exploded. 'How much does it cost to make an app?' is a question that keeps buzzing into my ears like a Bumble Bee. I have been asked this a thousand times and so I made up my mind to write a blog covering important points that contribute to the cost of developing an iPhone or Android App.

The madness for apps have spread to various mobile platforms including iOS and Android. One can develop different kinds of apps from games to business and enterprise apps. Some of the big names are Angry Birds, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Candy Crush, the list just never ends. These have revolutionized mobile applications from a millennium phenomenon into something that even the old beauties use with their bridge club. I have also been into conversations where clients feel that it is too expensive to make an app and just drop the idea right away.

The good news is that its not that expensive as you think and its easy to start.

The Cost Factors to create a Mobile App

App Development Process

An App is created using an agile mobile app development project which involves:

  1. In-depth analysis of the provided information
  2. App Design
  3. Development through coding and testing
  4. Certification of the app
  5. Deployment and Support

App Development and Design

There is no much difference in the cost between the construction of iOS and Android apps, although Android based apps can cost you a little more. This is because of the wide range of devices and OS versions that an app needs to be be optimized for.

The cost of an App Development depends on the type of app you want the developer to create and on what devices you are developing for (iPhone, Android or both). It can be a simple table based app, native app or a game application. Each of the these categories demand features and functionalities that would add to the cost.

The design of your iPhone or Android app will be a critical factor which creates a huge impact in your overall ROI and user experience. The app design will convert viewers into downloads from the snapshots you select to upload and will easily allow users to interact with your app. Investing on a good design is the ideal way to increase the margin on a 2 year timeline.

Thus, we come to a conclusion that depending on the type of app and user-requirements, one can give you an estimated cost of the app.

The Question Still Remains: "How much would an app cost?"

App Development has emerged to be a multibillion industry with enduring potentials. The average cost of developing an app can be around $100-100k which can be broken down to 100 plus hours of work per week (An average of 8 to 10 weeks). You will be having a dedicated app developer who will be totally committed to your project and a designer of-course . You even have a project manager coordinating under whom your dedicated resource would be reporting the details of the project.

Anyone who says that creating an app can take less than (8-10 weeks) or can make it at significantly low cost, cannot guarantee 100% quality work. Hiring a freelancer who stays at one corner of the globe and whom you've never seen can be tempting due to low cost offering but ask yourself, will they be able to properly interpret your vision and make an app your're expecting? I have come across a lot of people with stories of heartbreak and dissatisfaction with time and money wasted.

Make the right choice! An App Development Company of experienced and certified developers, is clearly a win-win situation..

The total cost of an app depends on the the type of project you wish to complete. It involves complex coding, intuitive features, multiple interfaces and more. Write to me the details of your app idea and I would definitely be giving you the exact cost figures of your app or you can directly get in touch with me now!

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