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We expose demons,heal the sick and cast out demons .my people perish for lack of wisdom says the Lord .demons are powerless before a christian that understands his authority in Christ Jesus .a christian that has holiness and also understands his authority is a mighty tool in the hands of God .our purpose is to expose the kingdom of darkness and make a wake up call to all christian today .this is end time .time to take back by force from Satan and his demons .time to pray like never before .time to be sober in prayer and sleep no more .my name is evangelist ifeduba Kenneth ifeanyi.We have to go back to our origin .the time of acts of the apostle.the time of miracles ,healing,signs and wonders .taking captive by force from Satan. Bringing down the glory of God here on earth.putting the kingdom of darkness in flight and disarray.living a pure life of holiness and purity.sin is the only thing that cuts off believers from their source of power .ifeduba Kenneth ifeanyi.I'm originally from nigeria,but residing here in south Africa.I believe that God will use me to shake the world one day .sooner than you think 

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Contact:Kenneth Ifeduba
Address:411 capital hill. 58 steve Biko road arcadia

South Africa

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