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Home Bookkeeping Service

What I can offer is: -
*Preparation of VAT returns and submission of same to Revenue
*Preparation of wages and submission of PAYE/PRSI to Revenue.
*Compiling Cheques and Direct Debits Journal
*Bank Reconciliation.

12 years experience of bookkeeping in various roles

I work with most clients on a monthly basis in invoicing, tracking expenses, VAT and payroll reporting, entering all information on bookkeeping software, and generating reports that give clients a clear understanding about business trends and their overall financial situation. Business owners receive my assistance in whatever capacity they require, from full-service bookkeeping to annual review and readying accounts for the accountant. When bookkeeping is kept current, the business owner is able to make decisions using up-to-the-minute information that can have a crucial affect on their success.

I enjoy helping business owners onto the path of good bookkeeping practices so that they understand their financial scenario.

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