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The latest sources of news and information for leading organizations. News5050 provides a platform for companies to publish their press releases, newletters and other professional news information about their company.

Our purpose is to spread information from companies to a wide audience worldwide. The News5050 platform is an essential tool for every PR department in every professional company.

Let us help you to shape and maintain the image of your company.

All articles submitted to News5050 are carefully vetted and controlled to ensure that the content is well written and that the information will be of general interest to other professionals in similar fields. This attention to detail ensures that any articles featured on News5050 are relevant to the target business and of interest to people working in the industry.


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News5050 is not an advertising agency, we are a publicity agency. We help companies to distribute their messages to the interested public. This public can be anyone, anywhere who has an interest in or an opinion regarding the company for which the Press Pelease or News Item is written.

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