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Welcome to Homemade Cider From Rathdrum

The idea is to create a site to bring together lots of relevant information on the production of cider and any related and/or interesting homemade products. As a secondary objective, we'll be looking into creating a commun and a community hub for all participants. We are currently in the early stages (we've got lots of apples) and are looking to start our first experimental concoctions in the next week or two. The initial goal is to have a(n) (un)reasonable amount of decent qualitycider to partake of and to hand out. After attaining the objective, the objective for next year will be determined by group vote, though participants will, of course, be allocated an x amount of the end product in any case. The sheer amount of apples does force our hand in some respects, but we'll call this a luxury problem for now. I'll just type some words, to make sure that I can finish initial profile creation and not get slapped back into the form containing half-assed directions on what is mandatory and what isn't. Let's see how we're doing...

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