WELCOME to Rosslare-Bookings

Welcome to Rosslare Bookings

Weclome to the 2017/2018 Rosslare Booking Home page for the Dempsey family.  Please go to the "CONTACT US" Tab and enter the details on the week(s) you want to book.  I will then check these dates with Mum and will email you with confirmaton.  This is based on a first come, first served basis.  Weeks start on a Saturday.  

Price for the Week is €100 (Starts and ends on a Saturday) and for the Weekend (Friday to Sunday) is €50.  Bank Holiday Weekends will be the same price (Friday to Monday) as we all have one each.

All funds will need to be made before you go down.  All breakages and damage are your responsibility

Below are a list of Dates that are NOT available

  • 14th April to 22nd April - Ciara (€150 PAID)
  • 2nd June to 5th June - Stephen (€50 PAID)
  • 16th June to 18th June - Stephen (€50 PAID)
  • 1st July to 8th July - Rental (Rachels Friend €380 plus €50 cleaning PAID)
  • 8th July to 22nd July - Emma (€125 PAID)
  • 22nd July to 5th August - Mum
  • 5th August to 12th August - Ciara (€100 PAID)
  • 12th August to 19th August - Stephen (€100 PAID)
  • 19th August to 26th August - Rental (Rachels Friend €380 plus €50 cleaning PAID)
  • 26th August to 28th August - Ciara (€50 PAID)
  • 21st October to 22nd October - Rachel (€25 OWED)

2018 Bookings so far

  • 24th March to 31st March - Ciara (€100 Owed)
  • 31st March to 6th April - Stephen (€100 Owed)
  • 5th May to 11th May - Emma (€100 Owed)
  • 2nd June to 4th June - Stephen (€50 Owed)
  • 30th June to 14th July - Emma (€200 Owed)
  • 14th July to 27th July - Ciara (€200 Owed)
  • 4th August to 10th August - Rachel (€100 Owed)

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