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Top 5 SEO Tips For Your Website

Yep it’s that time of year again folks the bells are ringing, the gifts are being purchased, and the millions of search queries for Christmas are sure to be abundant. So how’s do you take advantage of the surge of traffic for Christmas related keywords? As a SEO expert it is a responsability to take advantage of special occasions such as the holidays. One of the advantages of the holidays is the fact that many people will be rushing to get that last minute gift guaranteed. Some tech savvy users will in turn, turn to search engines to find that holiday cheer. This is where you come in with useful lists of the worst to the best Christmas gifts for the tech savvy user out there.

Have you ever had to shop for your nerdy cousin only to find out you don’t what new gadget out there to get him? That’s when you turn to the Internet and use little known search engine keywords like “gifts for nerds” or “what nerds like” etc… This is where you come in with effective link bait that’s sure to get any user’s attention.

Start with little perks such as designing a Christmas theme for your blog or website put little things like mistletoe on your comments. The aim is to get the Christmas traffic thinking you are a good source for Christmas related information. Think about it who would you trust more a plain white and blue site or a red and green one that just flashes at you with all kinds of Christmas specials everywhere?

Know your Christmas seo keywords and be sure to include them in all of your posts in a merry cheery mood to have more chances of showing up in SERPs. Things like “yuletide“, “Rudolf the reindeer“,… you get the point.

Make those Christmas lists unique. Don’t blog about the electronic dog in the commercials. Find little unnoticeable things like the all-in-one mouse. This will peak a user’s interest since they are sure to have never heard of it but like the product description. Get a collection of the little unique things.

Include the user in your posts. keep polls next to each post to show a user what others thought of it this way they’ll know if more people voted for a certain post it has credible information. This would also go great with your lists which will show your user which product your users have liked more than otheres. And call it something cute like the “gift power of this product is”.

Cover the hangovers after all they are part of the holiday season. Most people will stick around your blog and see what else they can find putting all of the posts a category named Christmas will ensure your related posts will group them together. Which in turn will keep your user in a loop on your blog.

Now just sit back and relax and watch the holiday traffic come in. Also for an extra added bonus head over to amazon and join their affiliates this way you can also make some cash over your’s user’s buying. But monetizing your Christmas traffic is for the next post so stick around.

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