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For the best, amazing, stunning, enthusiastic, prodigious, friendly, bear loving, banking technology check out our Bank Bands. Our product idea will satisfy the millions of people in the world who have either lost their bank cards through loss, theft, or in dumb situations like giving it to a friend or selling it on ebay for €50 even though there is €2000 in the card (jackasses). You'll be flabbergasted once you experience the joys of carring your bank money... on your wrists... with no other conditions, except a small fee to purchase one. But who cares? The bands of the future is now the bands of the people...TODAY!!! 

For the the best banking experience choose bands over cards, where "banking is in your hands!"

Make your day safer and easier for the best banking days (no guarantees).


This is idea wasn't really the first thought by our coperate team. Many sugestions were brought up to find the best product to enable sustainability and performance of our brand to the people....THE PEOPLE!! Early ideas were, including: dream therapy, heels to flats (shoes), teddy bear mood expresser, phone card scanners, and kettle mugs. Although these were very good thoughts they didn't satisfy the teams motivation, either it was too difficult to create or too unpredictaable to manage.

This was until, on the 7th of November 2014 at precisely 09:25, Bank Bands were born.

The product idea was laid out by the friendly, benevolent, smart, awesome, unpredictable, self-sufficient, money laundering, self-controllable, non-alcoholic... annonymous...the person is secretive. The background of it's creation was in a small, dirty bus journey to the best IT class ever presented to mankind where all the best, wonderful spirits of magic lays around.

The team then immediately faced other competitors like, the key-ring guys (pfft...okay..) who although are more prepared than us in organisation, planning, financially, corporately and self-suffieciently... we have the man-power. Te power to benefit the world of banking and ATMs. Our love for people is extremely bigger than anyone's expectations and for that we present to you the Bank Bands.

These designs are to benefit to public and to help those who constantly forgets their bank cards, etc.

Like we always say... Banking is in your hands!.. and should be.


This could not have happened without the team effort we have here, although I manage the website and twitter account majority while the others worked on simple documents which can be done in a flash, while website making takes hours and hours to create...

Anyway thanks to S Bae, L DJay, A TYay and myself S Venture.

You'll be able to find us also on Twitter: @Techslas , where you can get regular tweets of our journey to success. FOLLOW... please???angel

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