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Vegalab is a company that is dedicated to offering products that are designed to optimize the earth’s resources to ensure a more ecologically sound and efficient planet for our children. Using the power of nature the company guarantees natural, organic and safe development as well as production of effective, sustainable and cost effective alternatives for fertilizers, pesticides and synthetic fungicides. These products are made using only the best ingredients that are extracted from the plants purest essential oils that are combined with organic minerals that supply nutrition to the plants. This also helps to reduce chemical footprint as a means as taking great care of the environment. 


Vegelab offers a wide range of all natural and sustainable agricultural products including organic fertilizer. This is powerful fertilizer that promotes healthy plants, crop yield and quality enhancement. The products are formulated uniquely for the specific needs of plants making use of natural compounds as well as substances that facilitate the growth of plants. Through harnessing of organic and natural compounds, the fertilizer allows your crops to achieve their maximum potential and at the same time it gets rid of poor fertility in the soil rejuvenating microbial ecosystem.


Keep in mind that the organic fertilizer produced by this company has an extensive range of micro, secondary and macronutrients. The offer all the essential elements that are needed to maintain optimal crop growth as well as yield formation. They are constructed with natural complexing agents and organic acids that help in nutrient absorption to boost the efficiently of application and reduce greatly the amount of volatile compounds and chemical runoff inside the soil. In turn, this stimulates the necessary crop growth and it also ensures that vital and beneficial microorganisms and insects are kept safe. This makes the fertilizer one of the best options in the market today as you can be assured that it will help you out a great deal with your plants. 


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Contact:Vega Lab
Address:145-157 St John Street,
London EC1V 4PY
United Kingdom
Telephone:+ 44 203 514 9000
Mobile:+ 44 203 514 9000
Fax:+ 44 203 514 9000
Web page:vegalab.com/

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