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Amatsu is a gentle form of Japanese Osteopathy that originates from the Martial Art traditions of Japan and the traditional school of Hichi Buku Goshin Jutsu.  Amatsu's fundamental principle is that good health is based on balance within the body, in the mind, in what we eat and drink, in how we use our energy and in our interaction with the world around us.  Using Amatsu as a form of regular self-care can play a huge part in maintaining health and vitality.

John Nolan, Amatsu, Terenure

"There is more wisdom (CHIE 知恵) in your body than in your deepest philosophy"

Friedrich Nietzsche


Amatsu works with the body's own natural internal wisdom (CHIE 知恵, pronounced Chee-eh) to help restore balance, maintain good health, and aid in the restoration of the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Amatsu’s approach to the physical body is underpinned by the modern science of Bio-tensegrity.

Amatsu is a uniquely beneficial corrective treatment that can be used to treat specific injuries or to re-establish alignment and symmetry of the body.

I am a member of the Amatsu Association of Ireland.

Conditions treated include:

  • Neck, Back and Pelvis Pain
  • Sports Injuries
  • Joint Problems
  • Stress
  • Postural Problems
  • Migraine/Headaches
  • Digestive Problems
  • Pregnancy/Fertility Related Issues
  • Menstrual Problems
  • Infant Colic

As structure governs function and any issue where the root cause is structural may be treated using this approach, so this is by no means complete list of issues that may be helped by Amatsu.

I am also a qulaified Certified Infant Massage Instructor, accredited by Baby Massage Ireland.  Baby Massage Ireland is the Irish Chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).  Infant massage is an ancient tradition that has been practised for centuries in India, which has been rediscovered throughout the West.



About Me

John Nolan Amatsu TerenueI have been practising Amatsu since 2004.  I have also taken advanced studies in organ balancing and balancing the cranio-sacral system.  Between 2007 and 2010 I undertook and completed a comprehensive Amatsu Practitioner Teacher Training programme with the Amatsu Training School of Ireland and I qualified as an Amatsu Practitioner Teacher following an independent examination process.

Over the years I have trained with the top Amatsu teachers in the world including William Doolan and Denis Bartram as well as attending CPD courses run by some of the top proponents in their respective fields such as Dr Steven Levin (Biotensegrity), Tom Meyers (Anatomy Trains) and Master Hwa Shin (Tibetan Healing Meditation).

I have a keen interest in long term injuries/conditions and in pain management.  I am curious by nature, always seeking to discover new techniques and ideas, constantly striving to further my own knowledge to enhance my treatments for the benefit of my clients/students. 

As well as private consultations I am also available to give talks and to provide group and private training in bot Amatsu and Infant Massage. 


The Technique

The therapeutic techniques used in Amatsu are designed to achieve balance in the body and to free blockages which can be the source of illness. These techniques are called ANMA, Seitai, Shindenjutsu and Kenkujutsu and the treatment is called a 'Balance'.  

A Balance is generally carried out in either of two ways, depending on your preference:

  • The entire Balance is carried out while the client is fully clothed and includes visceral and cranial balancing, or
  • The first part of the Balance is carried out over the clients clothing, the second part involves a therapeutic ANMA back, neck and shoulder massage using oil.

With the clients consent therapeutic ANMA massage using oil may also be applied to other areas of the body such as the feet, legs, arms etc. to help maintain balance in the body or to further enhance the body's natural healing processes.

We all know that prevention is better than cure and for people who are training for any sort of sport it is even more so. Getting regular Amatsu balances will keep soft tissues and your whole body in balance in turn helping you to remain well and pain/injury free.

Under sixteens MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


John Nolan AmatsuThis literally means 'to push and pull'. Specific areas of the body are pushed and pulled (gently) to release tension and tightness, thereby restoring the normal flow of blood and lymph to promote growth, repair and restoration of normal function. The techniques involved very closely resemble those used in massage, so that Anma may be regarded as a form of remedial massage


This literally means 'to correct the body'. It focuses on the head (on neck), Hara (spine/pelvis) and the feet to bringJohn Nolan Amatsu about symmetry and paralateral movement. Therefore all treatments re- align and re-balance the person from head to toe, whilst balancing the meridian circuits of the body and the intrinsic cranio-sacral system. This results in a restoration of symmetry and a boost to homeostasis (immune system) with a reduction of body strains. Seitai is the aspect of Amatsu medicine which most closely resembles Western osteopathy, although in practice, it tends to be much more gentle.


This means to find the pivot (fulcrum) and fluid drive through it. In simple terms, it involves the correction of ligament imbalances of the joints and organs of the body. It is the heart of Amatsu balancing. In this approach, the ligaments are employed to spring tensions that have become locked into body structures blocking the flow of energy. Old strains leave a footprint of the injury or illness that continues to malfunction for many years. These archaic patterns lay the foundation for many illnesses we encounter, especially when our immune systems are lowered due to stress. It is precisely these patterns that this method addresses.


This literally means 'the head (and spine)'. It is the name given to Amatsu' s approach to balancing the cranial mechanism of the head and spine. It is an integral part of the therapy. The head governs all spinal movement (where the head goes, the body follows), and according to Western research, cranial imbalances affect our emotions, posture, dentition, movement, and can cause colic, restlessness and discomfort in newborn babies. Cranial balancing has been found to be useful in the treatment of these as well as many other symptoms. Clinical evidence has shown that it is also beneficial to the treatment of arthritis, tension, dyslexia, sinusitis, pain in pregnancy, concentration, eye strain, headaches, and migraines.

These four areas of Amatsu therapy are not kept separate, and blend into each other during treatment

For example, points on a limb may be stimulated (Anma), whilst the limb is gently moved for positional release (Seitai). This is a gentle therapy, suitable for young and old alike. There are no hard adjustments in Amatsu, and the majority of clients find the treatment to be very relaxing.


John Nolan Amatsu


Mike Finegan, Rathfarnham:    John has really helped me with longterm back and neck problems. I am now standing and walking better than I have done in years. With John’s treatments it seems less is more - small interventions with big impact - and you always feel great afterwards. I am very grateful for the help he has given me

C Whelan, Wicklow:     Fantastic postnatal treatment for me and my little bubs! Thank you John..feel great after it, one step closer to getting back to myself ! My six week old seemed to love it too, am sure it will ease her tummy issues!

S O'Brien, Blessington:         Following the birth of my daughter by C-section I left hospital after receiving Ducolax to make me have bowel a movement. Everything seemed fine when I was leaving the hospital and the doctors were happy with everything. In the weeks following the Section I started to have excruciating pain when having bowel movements. I also started to experience very painful, contraction like cramps when trying to passing wind which left me doubled over from the pain of them.

I have suffered from IBS before but have never experienced pain like this. It left me doubled over and in tears. I thought something was seriously wrong as nobody had warned me that this could happen. When I rang the hospital they told me there was nothing they could do as it was due to air getting into my system from the Section and this was perfectly normal. I was told to keep taking the Ducolax and hopefully it would settle down.

After the second bout of severe spasms I was dreading having to go to the toilet. I searched on line to see if I could find any more information on this and found that it was very common and can continue for several months after having a Section.

Having previously been to John to help my IBS I asked him if he could help me as the cramping and pain continued. Due to the Section he worked extremely gently on me to help ease the pain I was in. After a few treatments I was free from pain and my body was back to functionally normally.

A treatment from John is a must for anyone having post-delivery problems. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Liz McGrath, Dublin:    This treatment really works and is painless I had treatment throughout my pregnancy and I didn’t suffer from any sickness and I found it great for alleviating pain and discomfort. And now my daughter benefits from it too, she has had treatments from John from almost the day she was born and loves them. It is a great treatment for children and I would recommend John to anyone, young or old.

C O'Dwyer, Dublin:         I had an old injury from 20 years ago (my arm had been reattached after an accident which left me with 50% paralysis down one side and a hand that had clawed  on two fingers and a thumb).

I came to John to see if he could do anything with it, I had always been very protective over my arm and wouldn’t do a lot of things because of it.  I also broke my back in 3 places in the same accident and I was very protective over that too.

John worked on my body as a whole at first and I got a tremendous sense of well- being and it was like my body was floating on air when the session was over.  I always remember sleeping very well after the sessions.  Depending on where I had pain he would work on that also to unblock it.

A couple of sessions later John began to work on my hand and arm.  Over a period of time my arm and hand started to free up and became unblocked.  I now have sensation in my arm where I never had before and my hand also became a lot less clawed looking and I can grip and use it with a lot more agility than before.

I am very grateful to John for giving the confidence to reach my full potential.

Ann O'Reilly, Lucan:     I have Cerebral Palsy and I am mildly paralysed on my left hand side and my left hand in particular.  Since I started Amatsu with John I have noticed a big improvement in my posture and how I use my left hand.

Before I started treatment with John I was able to train my left hand to do certain things but I had to consciously move it.  After going for a few treatments with John my left hand started to get stronger and lately I am starting to use it automatically to do things such as picking things up, turning on taps etc.  I have also noticed that my left arm has become a lot straighter.

This is an amazing result because I could never do this before.  I have had physiotherapy but never got results like that.

My posture has also improved, one of my shoulders was lower than the other this is now corrected.  The treatment has also helped me with weight loss.  My general health has also improved since I started seeing John for Amatsu, I feel stronger and I am more positive and able to cope much better with stress.

I would highly recommend John and his Amatsu treatments.

M. Jackson, Wicklow:     Great Teacher, great Practitioner. I was so lucky to have John share his Amatsu knowledge and skills through the gruelling years of becoming a therapist.  Am delighted he is up and running again .. a truly talented intuitive and gentle master of the art….a treatment is a must.

D. Delaney, Dublin:          As a tennis player I’ve suffered over the past few years with persistent shoulder and hip injuries due to the wear and tear of the sport.  Having tried a succession of physiotherapists I was about to give up hope until I met John.  The relief was immediate and after a few sessions I was playing again pain free.  I would recommend this therapy for anyone suffering from any type of sports injury.  John has given me a new lease of life both on and off the court.

Deirdre Carroll, Chicago, USA:     Suffering from migraines since 1996 I have tried many medications to help deal with the excruciating pain. Before seeing John I was taking 16 prescribed tablets a month for relief. My experience of Amatsu is that of a gentle treatment which leaves me feeling lighter in body and mind after each session. My migraines are now infrequent with less intensity lasting 6/7 hours before relief comes instead of two days. I have become very much aware of the tension in my body and I immediately use the techniques John taught me before it builds to a full blown migraine. I am so grateful. I have found Amatsu to be transformative.

So impressed with John's work I brought my daughter who has been diagnosed with ADD and LD to the clinic. I was astounded by John's insight into her condition and could see a difference in her after the first session. John's approach with my daughter was both caring and comforting with some humor thrown in! John provided exercises to help with improving my daughters spatial awareness which we can do at home. He also offered some dietary suggestions. I now feel I have something more to offer my daughter along with the conventional medical treatment she already receives.

M Oman, Dublin:     I can really recommend Amatsu as a natural and alternative treatment if you suffer from migraines. I've had Amatsu treatments from John to help alleviate the frequency and severity of the migraine attacks for some years. I've also, with John's help since he achieved his Amatsu teacher status, learned how to recognise when a migraine attack is imminent and how, using his teaching, I can help my body through them. For anyone who knows how migraines can debilitate you, I can say that Amatsu will really help you. From having over 8 -10 severe migraine attacks a year I now could only experience 2 - 3 at most. I would certainly recommend John to you as a skilled, experienced and empathic practitioner and teacher.

E Burton, Rush:   Works wonders... well worth a try if you are suffering with any ailments. You won't be disappointed!


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