WELCOME to irishyoutubers

Welcome to Irish Youtubers

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Anyone that wishes to join must send a message including their channel name (preferably a clickable link to the channel) to:

- Ronan Hederman:https://www.facebook.com/ronanhederman

- Niall Gleeson:https://www.facebook.com/niall.gleeson

Please make sure you are contactable by people who are not your friends on Facebook or we can't get back to you!

This is a group that was set up for Irish YouTubers to share their videos and meet new people. All we ask is that you be nice to one another and that you don't spam the page. All posts must be relevant to YouTube.

It is worth mentioning that if you are currently producing content, that posting your videos may get you more views and advice on how to improve them.

We encourage everyone to offer help and constructive criticism to anyone the asks for it. This group can also be used to set up collaborations between people and to organise Irish YouTuber gatherings.

Please add your name and YouTube name to the document found under the "Files" tab in the top right hand corner of this page.


Ronan & Niall

Spam Definition: I just want to define what is spam on this page.
Please do not post your channel (unless it is your introduction to the group). Do not post material that is completely irrelevant to YT. THIS IS SPAM!
Look at it from this point of view. If everyone did it, all this page would be is promotion.
This is a community page.
Any such posts will be deleted immediately. There is a new feature on the page where if a member thinks that a post is spam, they can mark it as spam under the little arrow and this sends a message to the admins, drawing their attention.
Please don't spam!

Contact details for Irishyoutubers

Contact:Bryan Leon


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