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Writing has always been Patricia's greatest passion.  Though, children’s picture books are her  favourite, she  aims to expand her writing to include other areas under this genre as her career  progresses. She successfully self published her first children’s storybook, ‘Friends for Life! The Fight  Against Mosquitoes’  via Author House Publishers, in 2007. See link here-                            

Patricia returned to writing in 2011, but more seriously in early 2014. She currently  writes fulltime at home. She has completed a number of manuscripts and hopes to find an agent, or publisher who will guide her through publishing and future commercial activities that may arise from her book publications.

Please visit her gallery for more on her recent books.

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Watch this space for more of my book projects... (Also see tab 'Gallery' for book cover mockups)

If you'd like to know more about my work or have any comments please feel free to send me a message via the contact us page.   Thanks. 


18/5/14 -       Fish Little-Small Didn't Listen. See short Synopsis below:

‘Fish Little-small didn’t listen’ is a children’s picture book about a fish called Little-Small.  Little-Small is a little (red bellied yellow piranha) fish, but he is brave and strong.  He falls in love with the people on the shore and wishes he could go there to visit them one day. But he is warned to avoid swimming near the shore.  His mum and dad tell him not to go there. His friend Snapper says it’s a dangerous place and Mackerel says he won’t dare go there. But he didn’t listen to any of them and goes again every day of the week until one Saturday, it happened... 


16/5/14 -       Forgetful Fergal. See short synopsis below:

Forgetful Fergal is one of the titles created for this series.  The story, blends in the days of the week and various weather conditions –Sunday is a cold day, Monday is windy, Tuesday is dry, Wednesday is rainy, Thursday it snows, Friday is blistering hot and a cold night on Saturday, all help to bring the story to life.  Fergal experiences a forgetful moment each day of the week, Sunday through to Saturday. Each day has a different weather condition to deal with.  Fergal’s friends Sissy (snake), Lilly (lioness), Perry (parrot), Bumbly (bee), Owlly (owl), all try to help Fergal remember things he forgets. But how does he cope when they are not around to help him remember where he put his swimming trunks and his teddy?



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