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If someone asks you “What is the different between a book and eBook?” Only a madcap would undoubtedly say “the e” but they are not wrong either. The first thought that comes into mind when we talk about eBooks is that reading conventional books using an electronic device. The format of some of the popular eBooks has the content rearranged as in the printed form including features like bookmarking, search and nifty page animations creating a touchable experience on the sterile screen. This is just a different representation of showing the same content but there is format though that is revamping eBooks.


  • eBook apps development for iPhone allows a new way of connecting writers with their readers.
  • Users can explore Custom iPhone Apps from different angles and every page can be developed uniquely by incorporating different type of contents which include audio, video, music effects and animation.

eBook Applications are growing more in number than games in Apple’s iTune Store. If your goal is to reach a new audience, we help authors and publishers to take full advantage of the iPhone eBook Development platform. To get more into depth about our development services Contact us now!

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