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hello my name is ross im a 13 year old boy you may think i might not know alot of stuff about politics but trust me i do i am going to be updating it every tues thurs and fri so just wait and see if u are not intersted its ok because this website is for every one this will have useful numbers of your local TDs and county council if you have any infomation u can email me at or you can send it to my address im sorry if the spelling is a bit off but i will try to get most of the words write so i hope u enjoy this blog a keep checking thank you ross fennell age 13

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Message from Clinton on December 13, 2013, 6:01 pm
Nice site Ross, thanks for sharing
Message from Ross on December 11, 2013, 8:42 pm
this is our chat have any qustion ask me

                                       2013  BUDGET 


Bereavement grant of €850 to families of dead people scrapped

OAP telephone allowance of €9.50 a month scrapped

Reduced dole payment for unemployed people under 26

Maternity benefit higher rate to be cut from €262 to 230 a week

Phasing out of mortgage interest supplement for new applicants

Technical changes to the invaliditypension

Clawback from insurance companies on compensation payments

Rent Supplement minimum contribution to be increased

Child benefit for third and subsequent child down €10, as announced

Mortgage Interest Relief to be phased out

RTE subsidy for OAP TV licences to be reduced by €5m from €59m to €54m

Normal dole payment safe

Pension safe

Free Travel safe

Half rate carers allowance safe

Respite Care grant safe




35,000 over 70s to go from medical card to GP only card

Income thresholds on medical cards for over 70s also to be tightened

GP only medical card for all children under 5

Prescription charges to go up by €1

Cuts to hospital services




Wine to go up by 50c

Pint, spirits and cigarettes to go up by 10c

Cigarette sellers charge to go up 10 fold

No excise duty on petrol and diesel expected




Ending double payments in training schemes, where participants get two benefits

College registration fees to go up by €250, as announced

Pupil-Teacher-Ratio safe

Private schools subsidy safe




Special low tourism VAT rate to stay at 9%

Capital Gains Tax and Capital Acquisitions Tax to increase

DIRT tax on savings expected to go up from 33% to 41%

Old reliables alcohol and cigarettes to go up

Property tax to double next year, as announced

Pension tax relief for high earners to be capped at €65,000, as announced

No change to income tax bands, rates and credits

No change to 12.5% rate of corporation tax



€200m levy on all banks in the State



Tax break for homeowners hiring registered builders for home improvements




€200m stimulus plan for capital projects

Illness benefit claim to be extended out to the first six days

€50,000 grant for best start up companies for young entrepreneurs under 25

Local Enterprise Office fund up from €15m to €18.5m

Incentives for domestic companies to take up Research and Development tax credits

50,000 jobs to be created next year



Airport charges to be scrapped for certain airports

Subsidy for CIE to be cut by €16m



Grant scheme for producing beef calves




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