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The significance of theme in a five paragraph paper!

The mountains are always tall and some people have to climb them anyhow. The five paragraph theme is a mountain which students have to climb at any cost if they have to finish their academic life with success. There are not outcroppings as if to which they can cling themselves in order to climb them. In this journey, some of the students feel totally lost when they go through the introduction to the conclusion formula at the start of the paper. They have to break several molds and then add up layer by layer to give their work a complete look.  The only thing is they do not know HOW? These feelings are not unique to one student and many students come across to them a dozen of times.

To become a stronger writer, students must be able to think over behind the theme. It is easier to think over it because we know how it works and we can also crank it out just like the machines. The teachers are not going to spend much time on your paper and you must be in command of writing something which can help you to pour directly to go beyond the theme in the form of your words. The essay work given to you at school or college is a mere example of theme based work. This is a task where you have to create masterpieces at their best and write creatively. At times, you might get frustrated with the load of work which has tight deadlines. You really have to work hard to get good grades after your teacher gives a cursory glance to the paper you have written. Perhaps, students are expected to come up with an idea which is not found out by anyone else and it must also be a profound one. You have to spend hours on the development of this idea and then jot it down on the paper. The teacher is surely a good judge and can smell a rat, so it is good to put your efforts on the desired theme and produce something new from it. A general rule is to insert your theme in the 5 paragraph platform which includes: an introduction, three supporting paragraphs in the body and then a conclusion. The way you write it is what counts in most cases; do not insert crap and poignant content in it. It will not only make your teacher happys but also help you to get good grades! 


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