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provide the following Evidence:

Proof of Ownership – Depnding on the vehicle type

Emissions Standards, frontal impact standards and overall standards

Fuel Consumption – fuel consumption certificate

Light-Vehicle Brakes Standards for Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Heavy-Vehicle Brake Standards.


Proof of ownership

You need to provide evidence that you're the legal owner of the vehicle. This includes the original documents that prove previous registration and provide an ownership trail that goes back to the last registered owner in the country where the vehicle was last registered


Evidence of compliance with emissions standards

For both used and parallel-imported new vehicles you can present an original Japanese export or completion inspection certificate showing one of the applicable emissions code character sets (in the table below) at the beginning of the industry model code


Evidence of compliance with frontal impact standards

If your vehicle is Class MA, MB or MC, you must prove that it was manufactured to meet an approved frontal impact standard. Depending on the date of manufacture you can provide proof of its compliance:

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