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Nike free run trainers are high quality lightweight pieces of equipment which allow you use a shoe that is not only stylish, but also offers performance in the gym and on the the running field. 

Available in a wide range of colours, the free runs are a must have for anyone who knows what quality runners can do for an athlete, many wear these around like a normal day to day shoe, and they are perfectly suited to that too.

Nike Free Run -Not Flashy, but Totally Functional

A popular running shoe called the Nike Free is a rather unconventional product for the world’s largest shoe manufacturer. Nike gets endorsements by a countless number of athletes who represent every aspect of the sports spectrum-even athletes who don’t wear shoes at all for their sport-such as Seane Corne, yoga extraordinaire, have appeared in many a Nike ad. The company’s ability to create new products that set trends-the ability to be flashy, trendy and popular-seem as unstoppable as a star athlete in his prime. But Nike Frees are a bit of a departure from the shoe giant’s successful strategy. Why?

Nike Frees are about purely about function. Sure, you can get these flat, bendy-soled running shoes in flashy colors, but what running shoe isn’t bright neon-something these days? The fact is that visually, Nike Free Runs don’t stand out. Yet while they don’t look wildly-flashy, they are incredibly popular-because they work. They let the runner’s foot move and bend, and this represents a rather rebellious departure for the rules of typical running shoe design. 

The running world became obsessed with the idea of bendy running shoes after the release of Christopher McDougall’s book “Born to Run”. The book chronicled the life of mysterious runner “El Caballo Blanco”, who ran for miles in the deserts of Northern Mexico and the Southeaster US, and the elusive Native American tribe known as the Tarahumara. The tribespeople ultra-marathons constantly, and wear nothing but very light sandals that move with their feet-the only purpose of the shoes is to protect the soles of the feet from the heat of the desert sand. To be any more extreme, they would have to be barefoot.

Nike Frees mimic barefoot movement, and free the runner from pains that can come from a stiff shoe. Shortly after the release of Born to Run, the ubiquitous Michael Sandler of Boulder, CO began grabbing headlines by running without shoes at all. His girlfriend, Jessica Lee then started a barefoot running club and Sandler began teaching the techniques. Soon, the couple began touring the country teaching, and within two years, they had published their own book, Barefoot Running.

Sandler’s barefoot running lectures took place, ironically, at high-profile running shoe stores. Nike Free Run were among the shoes to which he gave high marks. Sandler and Lee go barefoot just about everywhere, and it takes a lot to get them to say good things about any running shoe. The strength of Nike Frees, they said, is due to the fact that they let the foot spread out to its natural width and let it move. 


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