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Project Runway just isn't the same without Michael Kors. For the first 10 seasons, Kors served as the show's sassiest judge, and he spared no feelings if a young michael kors handbags boxing day designer's runway look was poorly crafted. Kors was the snarky "yin" to Tim Gunn's nurturing "yang." Although the new faces of the fashionable franchise, Zac Posen (Project Runway) and Isaac Mizrahi (Project Runway All Stars) offer quality insight, they just don't provide the same dramatic eye rolls and comic relief that audiences came to expect from Kors.

Here are 10 reasons why Michael Kors needs michael kors boxing day to reclaim his chair:From the front, Naya looks super sleek. The long-sleeved top and fitted skirt are classic and modern at the same time. However, from the back, the bodysuit becomes backless and her look instantly becomes seductive! Just this little bit of skin in michael kors boxing day sale the back turns up the heat factor in this outfit. She styled this look with a gorgeous pair of Casadei heels with a cream ankle strap. Her whole ensemble is so well put together we love seeing Naya dressed up like this!

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