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At Munster GPS we provide GPS Trackers for people, pets, cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, machinery and many more.

No monthly fees or subscriptions

We don't have a fancy website but we have the best products on the market.
Tried and tested by Munster GPS. We stand over our products. We have the best prices.

Munster GPS has a base in both Dublin and Limerick.

I was initially introduced to the world of GPS tracking  after my dog went missing for several days. I finally found her but spent a long time browsing the internet for a solution. I found it difficult to find something that was affordable and fit for purpose.

On another occasion I was in a busy shopping centre and one of my kids went missing. It was only for 1 or 2 minutes but it gave me enough of a fright to get me back browsing for more information on GPS Trackers.

I spent 6 months purchasing GPS tracker samples and testing them. I eventually came up with a matrix outlining the pros and cons of each product taking into account the following:

•GPS Sensitivity,
•Battery Life,
•Technical Support

I now have a list of products that I can safely say are affordable and fit for purpose.

To purchase online go to or call 087 6669186


Personal GPS Tracker

Car GPS Tracker

Dog GPS Tracker

Lawnmower GPS Tracker

Motorbike GPS Tracker

Tractor GPS Tracker

Machinery GPS Tracker

]Truck GPS Tracker

Boat GPS Tracker


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Contact:Eoin O'Malley

Mobile:087 6669186

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