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Another metaphor: What you would expect by this point in mind is something like the difference between driving a car in the city and on the highway.

In the city we have to stop several times and to deal with problems such as impatience, muscle building restlessness and exaggerated emotions. If we go on the highway, everything calms down Rhythm of the overall change.

By practicing this breathing exercise will eventually get natural concentration. At the beginning of the bit needs to push, but then it gets to the expected shape.

Meditation exercises to calm the mind
Read the text slowly, with pauses between each paragraph.

The past is gone; the future is coming Concentrated into a state of peace, happiness and freedom now focus on each inhale and exhale.

My attention to breathing continues I follow the breath where it begins and leaving it where it is lost I keep paying attention to the arrival and departure of breath,

Like when a child swinging on a swing As the swing, muscle product my breathing slows down at each end I continue to mitigation and then start over again.

I hold my breath all my care and attention as a mother cares for her child the child never not rest

Ideas behind me enjoy the rhythm of my abdomen I enjoy it where it is now and where it will be afterwards My mind produces thoughts, it's her nature.


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