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My World Wide Web ( initiative is a program aimed at getting all companies in Ireland on the web.

While owning a website has become easier and cheaper over time, there still are a large number of companies in Ireland that do not have a web presence. This is especially true of small companies and home industies where the owners have limited budgets or feel overwhelmed by the technology of the web.

Many small company owners in Ireland will tell you that business in Ireland is 'all about the network' meaning the face-to-face interactions and who you know. While this is no doubt true to some extent, it is restricted to the physical location where the company is situated and the size of the business network. Companies should consider the potential opportunities if this network could be expanded by a thousand times or more. getting companies on line in Ireland

We all know that the Irish economy is presently in a very bad state, you only have to listen to or watch the news in Ireland and you will be bombarded with the disaster stories that we all are becoming immune to (sadly). Too many people are sitting back and waiting for the government to do something about the economy and while the goverment may be trying to improve the Irish economic situation, they cannot do it on their own. The pople of Ireland need to do something to help revitalise the economy and wake up the Celtic Tiger again!

Become part of the solution

This is where the opportunity of the world wide web (www) comes in. We do not have to be confined by the boundaries of Ireland, why not get out there and benefit from stonger economies and at the same time help to rebuild the Irish economy?

Everyone can have a web presence, anyone can create a business. All it takes is an idea, passion, perserverance and the right tools. The initiative aims to provide the tools that will enable all those people with and idea and passion to succeed.


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