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In the wild, a wind tent can provide a warm sleeping environment. In the selection camp, do not choose the bottom, there is a gathering place for the cold air, we should try to avoid the ridge to withstand strong winds or cove. A good moisture-proof pad to be effective in the cold damp ground with separate sleeping bags, inflatable better.

Select a suitable down jacket, whether it is cold Arctic or Antarctic canada goose parka will protect you, more than four decades of brand precipitation, worthy of choice, it is time to bring one up, and you spent a Ireland cold night.you can to the

Sleeping bag is not primarily absorbed moisture from the outside, but the human body, even in very cold conditions, the discharge will in sleep a small cup of water. Cotton insulation in damp and lose their elasticity after bonding, insulation ability. Such as sleeping bags several days of continuous use, preferably in the sun to dry. Insulation cotton sleeping bag can make regular cleaning to maintain flexibility.

  Lost in the mountains, it should first climb afar, to determine what direction should go. Should normally be in the direction toward the low-lying, so easy to hit water, down the river and the line most insurance, which is in the middle of the forest, especially important. Because roads, settlements are often built in Waterfront Linhe.

The basic approach is to rock climbing, "three-point" approach, namely hands or feet hand foot and then move the remaining fixed hand or foot, the body focus on the shift. Well with hands and feet to avoid two points while moving.

Outdoor activities, foods, should be based on personal taste and the specific itinerary to develop a good plan to carry food, these foods will not only be able to feed their families, but also to provide the heat necessary for outdoor activities.

Check of the weather in search of water: rainbow appeared in the sky where there must be rain; in black with lightning cumulonimbus below, will have rain or hail; fog in a valley setting with water; collect dew may alleviate the pressing....

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