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The head of Canada Goose is setting his sights on India and other parts of Asia as he looks beyond cold weather for future growth in the jacket business. Dani Reiss concedes that stocking shelves in warm climates might seem usual, but he says it makes sense for the company's high-end outerwear, which has become a fashion statement as well as a way to stay warm. "Cold is relative.

Tokyo is our best market in Asia and it never goes below zero," the chief executive said in an interview at the company's headquarters in midtown Toronto. Related Stories Canada Goose sells majority stake to Bain Capital Canada Goose sues Sears for trademark canada goose jackets boxing day  infringement over 'distinctive' parkas Canada Goose opens U.S. headquarters in Denver "Just like someone in Toronto buys a Range Rover, someone in Tokyo buys a Canada Goose jacket." Canada Goose is at a turning point.

Take a glimpse of any city street this time of year and you'll likely see Canadians wrapped in the jackets emblazoned with the company's trademark badge on the sleeve and a fur-trimmed hood canada goose boxing day sale. Each jacket costs between $100 and $200, depending on the style, and while that qualifies as a prestige product, its popularity transcends other pricey brands. Reiss wants to boost the company's reputation beyond canada goose boxing day where it sometimes seems like the jackets couldn't get any more popular.

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