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UGG focused on producing high quality, comfortable and fashionable uggs. Has the international first-class production lines of strength and with the cooperation of the OEM manufacturers for perennial international brands such as Ugg Boots for Women snow boots series production and processing, with extensive experience in snow boots, dedicated professional. Starting from 2010, UGG cooperation with international research institutes, developed more in line with the current trend of personalized styles, which owns international brands such as LUXE,ASH,TORY BURCH, UQR to sail the world.

UGG snow boots professionally SGS inspection, shoe materials, shoe materials, suture technique, laminating technology is higher than SGS testing standards, ahead of quality. Each pair of boots, with advanced production technology and strict quality control requirements is formed. Ugg Boots for Men Snow Boots Classic snow boots to cool rivet series, designers, after numerous tests and improvements, and strive to create the perfect product. Comfort, durability, fashion sense, and this is the UGG brand characteristics and give up the pursuit. Since its inception in brand, UGG snow boots, with its "production of high-quality, comfortable snow boots" consistent, widely recognized by consumers and the market. UGG quality assurance as it stood the test of time, to build China's top-tier uggs brand. Originating from Australia fashion, natural life, the spirit of disseminating rich Australia snow boots cultural concept, basic elements of nature and atmosphere of our time and energy integration, to bring you Australia comfortable and healthy natural lifestyle experience.

South Australia, Adelaide, South 34 ° 56' East longitude 138 ° 36', throughout the temperature 21.45C, in here, sufficient of Sun, and suitable for of monsoon plus fertile of grass let Australia unique of beauty Lee slave sheep growth out dense even, insulation and ventilation of fur, supply with global 80% of high-end market, has was many international brand selection for made senior warm sheep boots of preferred material, and in global range within obtained success, became Hollywood days King were preferred of out Street single products. Stars love of snow boots and even limits to break the season, even during the spring and summer can see very trend-setting combination. Sugar Ugg Boots for Kids shoes lambskin material are primarily sourced from Australia, compared with similar international brands, sugar-Shearling is more in line with Asian feet, after hundreds of feet after data collection and improvement of practice, a new shell with reinforced soles cushion design supporting system, bring greater protection to the trend of Asian people, get more comfortable wearing experience.

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