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How Important is Local SEO for your Website?

As a website owner, it is important to understand how Google is transforming the Web and how your website is rated and ranked. The power of your website and pages is measured through Domain Authority. What is Domain Authority? Think of this simply as a score out of 100 your website is rated in terms of how strong its search engine presence is. For example, Facebook or Wikipedia have a score of 100 and due to being power horses of the internet. What worked for your website last year may not work this year and this is due to Google making changes and stricter rules to ranking.

Why You Need SEO Services?

Just having a website is no longer enough as Google Algorithms are changing and evolving making it more difficult to rank your website. Due to this, they are now companies that specialise in Riordan SEO services in Cork. You can spend all your budget on stunning looking site but that doesn't mean it is going to be optimised for search engines and get your company found by potential customers.

Your website is what represents your business to impress potential customers and provide valuable information about your company in the best possible way. Before potential customers can do this, they must find your business and if they can't find you then your not making revenue from your website. Most customers won't look past the first page and want to find things fast. All your products and services should be found when doing searches online and not just your brand name. Just remember your site is the most valuable marketing tool for your business and is why you should get in touch with Riordan SEO Ireland



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