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Teeth whitening is the number one elective dental procedure in the Ireland, and it's pretty obvious why. There are so many food s, drinks and other contributing factors that result in our smiles not being as white or bright as we think they should be Regardless of the reason why, teeth whitening is an increasingly popular trend that is helping people achieve their perfect smile, but there also many reasons why going to the dentist for this procedure isn't very practical. Below are a few of the main benefits to using a teeth whitening kit at home, as opposed to going to the dentist to whiten your teeth.  

The main reason that at-home teeth whitening kits are so popular is because of the price. There isn't a family in the nation that hasn't felt the devastating effects of the economy downturn in the past several years, and pretty much everything that isn't an unquestionable necessity has had to go. Teeth whitening, popular as it may be, is just not important enough for most of us to justify spending 5-7 hundred euros for a lighter colored grill. At home teeth whitening kits cost around 50-100 or less.

They work: NO low cost alternative would be successful if it didn't work. At home teeth whitening kits really work. They may not be quite as fast as a professional job, but they will give you results. Hygiene is a valid reason to consider teeth whitening kits. People have a tendency to snack less and brush more when they are conscious of their dental health. 

Other reason that teeth whitening kits are a great alternative to visiting the dentist is convenience. Most people can't just call off a day at the office to go have their teeth whitened. In addition, self confidence and personal insecurities are high on the list of why people choose to have their teeth whitened. Knowing your smile is dingy or your teeth are stained doesn't exactly make smiling your number one priority. 

Regardless of the reason for choosing a home use teeth whitening kit, the benefits greatly outnumber those of having the procedure done at the dentist office. Affordability is probably the number one reason many choose to whiten their teeth at home, but convenience and effectiveness cannot be beaten. Choosing your favorite brand is probably the best way to go when choosing one of these teeth whitening kit. The next time you have a cup of coffee, however, letting the liquid sit in your mouth will dramatically reduce the length of time your results will last for.

Natural Ways for Reducing Teeth Stains

A cute smile is worth million dollars and what make it more appealing are white sparkling teeth. Yet, most of people do not have white teeth due to their food habits, smoking or bad dental practice. Thus, if you visit a dentist you can regain the whiteness of your teeth again, but then if you have spent dollars for getting treated professionally. However, there are many myths related to teeth whitening and here some of them are busted.

All teeth whitening gels are same

There are different types of teeth whitening gels and some are strongest while others have milder effect on your discolored teeth. One’s that are used by a dentist in office are the strongest and have best effect on your teeth. The ones that are given by them for your home use are milder than the one they use and if you buy some over the counter it will have less effect than others.

Whitening toothpaste bleaches your teeth

It is not true for most of the branded toothpaste. They have abrasive component that when rubbed on your teeth gives the teeth whitening effect. They do not bleach your teeth, thus are not harmful as most people think them to be.

It takes weeks to see the changes

It will take time to see change in your teeth color if you use the over the counter teeth whitening products compared to a whitening session done by a dentist at their dental office. They have skilled knowledge that can help you regain the white color of your teeth even after the first session.

Dentist provide the same whitening kits that can be purchased over the counter

Mostly no, because when you buy something over the counter it is generic product that are made keeping in mind that it can be used by everybody. Your teeth are different from someone else and most of the time the gel purchased OTC may not cover all your teeth. While a dentists makes a custom based whitening cream that will fit your teeth and help in reducing the stains.

Once whitened your teeth with remain white always

Do you expect that if you lose weight and then start taking high calories food you still will remain at the same weight? No, you know you will regain weight. This too is true for teeth whitening. If you do not take proper care of your teeth after you whiten them you will find them discolored soon.

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