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Each stage of child development requires a setting where they are exposed to new learning and experiences. Busy Kids pre-school offers children more advanced learning and experiences preparing them for the next stage in their development. In pre-school there is an emphasis on advanced arts and crafts, jigsaws, books, word games and learning from our trained pre-school staff. Children have regular rest and play periods with free play being promoted. Children work at their own pace and are encouraged to be comfortable with themselves. In pre-school children will learn how to apply learning and develop their concentration skills. All learning and experiences in pre-school is in preparation for introduction to Montessori learning, the next stage of Busy Kids childcare services.

At pre-school children’s personalities will develop along with their natural love of exploring and thinking; our staff concentrate on children’s toilet training and development of eating skills; play out side each day is encouraged and children make new friends and learn how to share. 

Each day will bring some new experience with the encouragement and care from or dedicated and loving staff. Parents will have peace of mind knowing that their child is being cared for in a safe and stimulating environment.

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