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Many Smart girl not fat in fact, Eat something light and easy to digest ,but that is a small pot and would like to have a flat belly bulge , but too busy , too tired , if dieting to lose weight , but also really sorry your body , that lazy how to lose weight? Xiao Bian recommend several of female metabolism tips of losing weight lazy , so you lean out flat belly bulge , eat healthy body.
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To eat dinner early

Indeed difficult to digest at night , working a day MM, the stomach can not decorate things, eat dinner , but afraid to gain weight ? After that we may go to dinner after work to quickly eat , after eating to remember to stand, not sit down during this period you can go and wash the dishes , mopping the floor and a series of intense exercise does not wait for the food to digest , sit under enjoy the "thin " it !

Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner , we should all eat relatively light food , so food is usually easy to digest , wait nutrient absorption is complete, it will not stay in your stomach and more , and obediently excreted small Freaky S said a word , even if you are unable to control their mouths , how to control your own life?

Seven full yogurt

Eat seven full enough, this criterion is not only for fat loss for women, skinny girl also applies , eat too much on health no good. In addition to seven full meal outside , we can also take a bottle of yogurt in the meal , so as not to gain weight , you can also promote gastrointestinal motility , worse , yogurt can be good to help you control your appetite , so you does not want to eat it.

Diet is very important ideas

Many MM just go look for ways to lose weight , loseing weight ignoring her own determination , hard to find their own way to lose weight , but because of his weak will, be defeated moment , so we want to lose weight , first their own will power to practice it , MM can buy some nice trumpet their own outgrown clothes hanging in the bed, telling myself to lean into a lightning wear under this dress !


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