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How to select the best PHP Frameworks for Web Development?

Best PHP Frameworks

As we all know that PHP is the best scripting language for offering solidity and ease-of-use. But most of the times coding in PHP can get rather boring and repetitive. That’s where a PHP framework can help.

The major advantages of choosing a good PHP Framework can help you:

  • Build Rich Internet Applications swiftly
  • Save plenty of time reusing code snippets

Firstly Define your Needs

There are few questions that you need to ask yourself before going forward:

What’s the Main Purpose of My Application?

Firstly you need to identify what is the main objective of your application. Will it be a website that runs an online retail store, a social community website or a directory? The use of the framework may differ for project that require to process credit cards and with a framework that has a built in proven extension can be beneficial for such processing

What are the Strength and Weakness of My Development Team?

It is very important to know the potential strengths and weaknesses of your web development team because depending on the framework its theses developers who would be working on the chosen application. Some of the frameworks are better for beginners while few require experience hands. You must also confirm some other important factors which include the timeline of the project, budget and security.

There are many reasons why one must choose PHP frameworks for their web development project. Depending upon your requirements, we present you a list of some popular and dominating PHP Frameworks.


Cakephp has a simple framework structure which is useful for rapid application development. The framework has three folder types (Controller, Models and Views) that contain the codes of most of the web apps. It also has an active community where third party developers can add and share their own codes. This is the only framework that does not have a corporate backing which can be considered as a plus point. CakePHP can be great for your project if you are writing a PHP4 compatible code.


CodeIgniter is one of the most popular frameworks today and is known for its performance, ease-of-use and speed. This is a PHP5.2 plus MVC framework which is also known as “beginner” framework as it is extremely easy to use in a shot learning curve. This is a powerful and flexible framework that is best suited to build content sites as well as small or mid-sized wed applications.

Zend Framework

Zend Framework is eligible for experienced developers that build enterprise-level applications. This framework requires PHP 5.1.4 that has many options for configuring and is not tied to the MVC architecture. It also has a strong community of professionals that offer you security updated, long term stability and fast integration of new features.

These are the top PHP Development Frameworks and apart from these, PHP Smarty and PHP MySQL are also used by experienced coders and can help you build high performing, scalable and secure web applications quickly. The framework you choose can make or break your development project. It becomes very important to approach the right experts that help you in taking the right decision. Get in touch with us for discussing your PHP Development requirements.

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