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Web Design Tips Before You Hire Someone

At some stage your are going to need a web design or redesign for your website. Not having any knowledge about how web design process works can be a make hiring a web designer a daunting task. You may have gotten calls from unknown or outside of country numbers promising everything from awesome design to getting your site on top of your competitors. Don't ever pay them anything. More than likely it is a scam as their location is unknown. Only Hire Web Designers in Ireland. 


How Does Process Work?

Getting to Know You and your Company

RDN Web Design process starts from getting to know you as the client and about your Industry. There are a number of areas you should discuss such as your goals, your target audience and how your website will represent your company from a user expereience and marketing perspective. Whoever you hire, you should trust that they are willing to learn and understand your industry. This is important not just for creating content but also from a marketing perspective. 

Web Design Plan

In order for your project to be successful careful planning must be set out in delivering your project. This invloves layout, color, fonts and any other styling that will create a good structure and visual impression for potential customers. 

Web Development

Once a plan has been developed the website can then be created where you should be able to see the progress so you can request to make changes at any time.

Final Overview of Website Design

At this stage you should be able to overlook the project before completion.


Approval and Launch

Once you are happy with the design you will usually be requested to pay in full before your website design goes live. Your site should also be submitted to all search engines after going live and any login details if using CMS should be provided.







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