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Global Tents is a business dealing with Canvas and leather products, we have in this field for more than six years. This idea came to us after realizing that we do spend a lot of money buying synthetic products which after some time fades and become useless unlike leather and Canvas which can save for more than 4years in use.

We serve our clients depending on their specification and the area of our specialization i.e. we are specialized in Making:

Designing, distributing and manufacturing camping tents, party tents, Umbrellas, Curtains, car seat covers family tents and Dogs equipment.

School bags , Safari Bags( laptop bags , briefcase, good teen bags , cooler bags, coffee  kit bags , wallet lady bags  , field bags.)



To b all rounded and be the best in producing leather and canvas products in the world.


To produce the best products that suits the needs of our clients.

To work within the time frame agreed upon by both parties (client and Company)

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