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Welcome to maths4real. We make maths real, real fun!

We specialise in the development of higher order thinking skills for primary school children in Ireland. We present children with real practical puzzles appropriate to their level which can be used in the classroom. We collect puzzles from all over the world and create the concrete materials to make them real. These materials will shortly be available nationwide in puzzle packs as a not-for-profit teaching tool.

We facilitate puzzle fairs in schools. We offer workshops on puzzle fairs to teachers.

We also help schools to maximise the benefits they can gain from the SSE experience through our advice on questionnaire design, thorough data analysis, and final report. We sit down with principals at each stage of the process to ensure the finest bespoke service.

We also analyse data from national standardised tests such as Sigma-T, providing a question by question analysis and bespoke teaching tips to maximise success. 


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