How can help you?


Create a web presence

Owning, managing and promoting your website is about to become even easier and much more affordable. has recently launched in Ireland. This is a new concept combining website development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and advertising all in a single package that is easy to use. You don’t need an IT professional to set up your site and you can be fully in control of the content on your site with MyInfo in a very short time.

Don’t yet have a website?

Ever wanted a website for your business but were put off by the technology or the cost? allows you to set up and manage a website with just a few clicks and minimal training.

The annual subscription price is probably less than a dinner out for two and thats not all… the promotion of your site and hence your business is built into the package (at no additional cost).



Already have a website?

You don’t need to change, why not use the power of to promote your existing site?

Every website owner knows how much competition there is on the web and consequently, how difficult it is to Be Found on the web. The route most users follow to their end-sites start with a search phrase on a major search engine (like Google, Yahoo or Bing). Serious website owners know that they have to submit their sites to directories, pay for SEO and use pay per click advertising to promote their site and get high search rankings on these search engines. Why not leave the search engine optimisation up to us and at no extra cost, promote your site using

If you already own a site, then you can set up an advertisement page on that points to your site. This is like the best possible directory listing of a full page on a top site. One of the benefits of this approach is that you get a strong backlink from MyInfo (which helps your search ranking) and we do all the promotion to get your advertisement noticed. Think about it, a full page advert has to be better than a line on a directory or 3 lines of Adwords and all you pay is your annual subscription to have the advertisement (which is probably cheaper than a single adword campaign).


Grow your organisation

Are your sales down or do you have slow moving stock?

In addition to having a web page or advertisement, you will be able to post promotions on that will show up in targeted searches. This will allow you to push your sales by targeting specific customers and/or specific regions.

Our built in Search Engine Optimisation tools ( will promote your myinfo site as well as your main business site.  All you have to do is subscribe and set up a site on myinfo that links back to your main site.  This way, you will ensure a very strong link to your main site and a large untapped customer base for your products.

You will be using the power of myinfo to direct traffic to your site and you can make the sales from there.  This way, you can leave all the difficult search engine optimisation (SEO) to us and concentrate on your sales.  The integration is easy and it should take only minutes to build a strong link at no extra cost.


Promote your events


Clubs are invited to join up and create a profile for yourselves. The profile will allow you to advertise your club, accurately pinpoint your location on a map and advertise times and venues for your activities and events.  You also will be able to attract visitors to your events by automatically advertising your events on the local directories.

Events are time based and will automatically be removed from the directory once they are complete.

All this at the lowest price anywhere on the web.


You can use myinfo to communicate with your business partners, suppliers, customers or members of your club or society. The versatility any ease of use of the software will allow you to keep your information up to date with the minimum of effort and without the need to employ additional resources.

Site visitors

Anyone can sign up and enjoy the benefits of for free. Free membership will allow the member to search directory listings and view the full page adverts as well as get location and special offer information. Members will be able to set up their own profile and bookmark their favorite sites for direct access to all the latest information, events and activities from

Site owners

As a myinfo site owner, you will  be setting up a direct link to all the members on myinfo, allowing you to communicate upcoming events, special offers on products, news or view points.  You could even set up a site just co communicate with friends, families or business partners.


Generate new leads

Business is all about generating leads and turning contacts into paying customers.  Myinfo provides a huge network of potential contacts, leads and customers. You can use myinfo to increase your reach throughout Ireland and beyond

While myinfo is primarily intended for Irish companies, the site is promoted worldwide and membership of the site is not restricted to Ireland.  Therefore, you will be joining a very large network and you can extend your company reach to other countries.


Build your network

You can create your own network within myinfo at the click of a button and you also can join existing networks in minutes.

Creating links from other sites is very important for driving more traffic to a site. Joining networks within the myinfo framework creates links to your site from other sites and drives up your number of visitors and hence the likelihood of more sales..


Promote your organisation

The myinfo network allows you to advertise and promote your business, club or society to a worldwide audience

Your special product offers or events can be easily loaded to your site. It has never been easier to launch an advertisement and to reach such a large audience instantly. Whats more, you don’t need to pay for your advertisements. Once you launch these, they become visible on the parent site and available to the entire myinfo network worldwide.


Find suppliers

Where better to find suppliers for your business than on myinfo? You can advertise for suppliers or search the site for suppliers as more companies joing the myinfo network, more potentail suppliers will become availabel to you. In the same way, you could be a supplier to some other company on myinfo.


Increase visibility

By tapping into the myinfo network on the web you will be increasing the visibility of your company irrespective of whether you have a website or not.

If you believe that promoting your business is important and being found on the web is necessary for your club or business, then myinfo is for you.


365 days a year 24 hours a day

We strive to keep the myinfo site up and running all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our reliable servers and hosting partners have a very good record for site uptime and response to any technical issues. You will be assured a site that work for you throughout the day and night.

Myinfo is a reliable resource at a very affordable price.