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Welcome to the web page. This Christian web-site was created with two purposes. Firstly, it is provides access to a lifechanging revelation on what it really means to be truly born again of the Spirit of God.

Secondly: It gives access to the historical and current truth about the Israel/ Palestine conflict and why it is imperative that you stand by the Nation of Israel at this time. (even if the denomination of which you are a member is disinterested or even opposed to land of Israel's very existence).

So, you are a born again Christian, What does this really mean?. You think you know? Well let me tell you, this spiritual truth available here is NOT taught properly in any of the mainstream denominations or even the contemporary Charismatic and Pentecostal Churches. It is a truth that was actually lost to the churches centuries ago.

It is a truth that Jesus taught, that Peter and the Apostles taught, Paul taught it but so many erroneous changes were made to the church doctrine over the centuries that this truth was lost that you can rediscover today if you wish.

The full, lifechanging truth of what you really become when you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. It is now available in a book entitled:

Discover Your New Identity and be Changed from Glory to Glory.

Written by the late Pastor Reg Bendixen and published not long after he was murdered on the 13th August 2012.

Reg Bendixen dedicated his entire life to discovering this amazing truth. His book is about this lifelong quest, the trials that he went through under the guidance of or Lord and how this wonderful discovery was made. How you react and apply this truth will make a huge difference to your spiritual walk with Christ and enable you to be changed from Glory to Glory.

Jesus said: Except a man be born again he cannot see the Kingdom of God. (John 3 v3).

Nicodemus didn't understand and Jesus explained: "What is born of the flesh is flesh and what is born of the Spirit is spirit".

What this really means is extremely important and will lead to far greater understanding of what you are in Christ and the what the Christian experience will ultimately lead to, so please don't waste any time in getting this information. It's available here and now. Click here for more information.


Born Again?


“My people perish through lack of knowledge”

As most Christians are aware (dare I say) “Satanically inspired” changes were made to the forms and teachings of Christianity. Jesus warned about them, Paul warned about them and as a result of these false teachings and traditions the church was weakened. Fundamental truths were also lost or replaced by what Jesus referred to as “The traditions of men” that “Bring to nought, the Words of God”. Some well-known examples of these changes are pagan celebrations such as Easter (bunnies and chocolate eggs), Christmas Nativity, the Sunday Sabbath, baby christening, the elimination of the laying on of hands for Baptism in the Holy Spirit, after Water Baptism, to name only a few.

These changes led to arguments, false teachings and cults, dissent, division of the church, inquisitions and even mass murder. Numerous secular styled denominations exist today, all with some degree of preserved truth and yet many  admitting: “There is something missing”. “We need more spiritual power, we need revival”.

Yes we certainly do, these are troubled times for Christianity, persecution is on the rise even in the West and we actually need everything that the early church of Acts Chapter 1 and 2 had and maybe more!

But let's not dwell here. "Discover your New Identity" is not about criticising churches or instilling fear, it’s far more positive. It is about recovering a wonderful knowledge and sharing (and applying it) now! A time in history, when Christians are looking upwards because we know that Jesus is coming soon and we want to have "oil in our lamps" right?

So let me tell you what it is not: It’s not a formula, a new teaching or a new hype (we have had enough of those). It’s a love story that is both interesting and exciting. It is a life changing revelation. A living truth that Reg Bendixen dedicated his entire life to discovering and it is now available to you, your family and your church within the next few minutes if you wish.

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