This Is GMSTECH (PTY) L.T.D. Formerly Sovereigntech Businesses Initiative then GMSTECH Cc and Now Forever More GMSTECH (PTY) L.T.D. That Exist Because it was Founded and Also Managed Directed as Always by Wilhiam Mark Mulumba as a Result of W.M.M. Realising for the first times in His Life Ever in September 2009 that actually so up to that point in His own life he was always building in his own ways His Life for that Purposes Primaraly more than anything else the Purpose of Having His own Personal Everyday Life General Professional and Business Lifestyle Businesses Consolidations Enterprises Holding Company Founded by Himself and Himself Staying the Lifetimes Founding Member and M.D. which will eventually then become His Personal Mariage and Family Business Enterprise Company whenever he does get his Family and Mariage which so far is what has happened so far all of this with Reasons and Motivations of Existences being that By Virtue that The " Middle M " in WMM Stand For Mark " YES CORRECT THE APOSTLE OF JESUS CHRIST KNOWN AS ST JOHN MARK " Father of St Simmon Peter the Apostle "  to Whom Jesus Christ Said { Simmon Peter YOU DO LOVE ME SO TAKE AND FEED MY CREATIONS } SO TAKE CARE MEANS THEREFORE LOOKOUT FOR MY CREATIONS GENERAL EVERYDAY DAILY BREAD AND NEEDS FEED MEANS THEREFORE MEET EACH OF DAILY BREADS NEEDS AND GENERAL EVERYDAYS NEEDS Which Jesus Christ said to Him[Simmon Peter] in an Indirect Way of telling Him[Peter]  that When You[Peter] Where Small Your Father[ Both Spiritual { God the Father } and Physical { John Mark }  was the One Who Took Care of You[Peter] But Now it is You[Peter] who will Return the Favor to My Creations and in turn care and feed them [ FOR US THAT MEANS IN THIS COMPANY LIKE JESUS CHRIST DELEGATED THIS RESPONSIBLITIES TO SIMMON METTER WHICH IN TURNS IS NOW MINE AS A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN THE RESPONSIBILITIES TO CARE AND FEEDS ALL OF GOD CREATIONS NEEDS THAT IS WHY AS A PEOPLE PERSON WHAT MY COMPANY EXIST TO DO IS TO DO ALL THE [ CARETAKING + FEEDING + SERVING WHATEVER LITERALLY GOD CREATIONS REALLY NEED WHICH THEY THEMSELVES TELLLS US. SO WE ARE THE COMPANY THAT EXIST TO TRULY LITERALLY SEROIUSLY AS TRUTHFULL AS WE CAN BE ALLOW THE BUSINESS MARKETS WHICH IS GOD CREATIONS GENERALLY TO TELLS US THEMSELVES   WHAT THEY REALY NEEDS AND WE WILL TAKE CARE + FEED + SERVE EXACTLY THAT NEED IF WE DO NOT HAVE IT YET THEN WE WILL GET EXACTLY THAT FOR BUSINESS MARKET ] and all this we Do Through OUR LOGISTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN and/or COMMUNICATION BASED COMPANY WIDE Business Operations  



Find All our Digital LifeStyles Cloud Network +  Social Networks & Media Feeds + ICT & WEB 2.0 Feeds + Internet and/or Web of Things & Cloud Computing & Managed Digital Lifestyle Hosting Provider & WLL & Triple Quad Play + FTTH & B Triple Quad Play and/or DVB- S2X and/or RCS 2.0 and/or HBBTV 2.0 General Feeds Right Here on this Web Page  

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