Keyword Research Allows You to Identify New Customer Segments

Keyword Research

Keyword Research Allows You to Identify New Customer Segments

For website owners, particularly eCommerce businesses the ultimate goal is to increase the number of visitors to your site and convert these into loyal customers and clients.

Certain marketing techniques such as PPC, product launches, and traditional print media may attract some new customers, but this is not always the case.

Knowing what these customers want and creating the content and providing the products and services they are searching for is far more beneficial to your business.

Through keyword research, you can learn what products and services are popular, whether the competition is providing these, market trends both home and abroad and much more.

All of this information can be used to create new customer segments for your business.

Through keyword research, you can identify potential clients and target them with the right content, products and services.

If you know their questions and queries, then you can provide them with the right products and services.

Both short and long-tail search queries can provide the basis for content creation, lead ideas, product and service offerings and they allow you to target these areas strategically.

The Importance of Keyword Segmentation:

Segmented keyword groups will allow you to accurately gauge search volumes, identify low hanging fruit, missed opportunities and ease of implantation of these search terms.

In-depth keyword research can be time-consuming and confusing to both agencies and business owners.

This is where CreatorSEO comes in. We use our strategies and keyword research tools to provide you with the information you need to develop customer groups, content and marketing strategies for your business.

Before we delve into how we can help you, we must first look at some aspects of keyword research and potential customer segments that you can use.

Keyword Research and Your Marketing Strategy:

Keyword research results, implemented successfully, across your site will do two things:

  1. It makes it easier for the right people to find your website.
  2. It improves your search ranking in search engine results.

If your produce content that uses weak keywords your customers are not searching for, your site will not perform, or worse, you will turn customers away from your website.

Though not all segmented keyword lists will be useful, the vast majority can be used in blog posts, articles and landing pages among much more.

Along with this keyword research allows you to identify what potential customers are searching for, perhaps they use keyword combinations and phrases that you have not thought of before. With proper keyword research, you will identify this information.

Keyword research and segmentation identify the buyer’s intent and allow you to create content matching this.

Why Segmenting is Important:

Segmenting your chosen keywords is a great way to organise search terms according to priority and how they match your business goals.

At CreatorSEO, we organise segments by market, service, product, page etc. Using data from your chosen seed words and keywords we organise this data into top 10 lists based on search volume.

Through this method and the use of our in-built keyword research tools, we can provide 10s of thousands of potential phrases and keywords which can be used.

How segmenting can help you identify new customers

CreatorSEO can segment the keyword data we collect across a wide variety of areas and topics; this will help you establish new customer opportunities.

We will examine some potential customer segments and you will see how they can be incorporated into your business:

Language-based Segmentation:

Established eCommerce businesses or those offering services internationally may wish to expand into new markets. By researching the language used in certain locations and analysing search volume etc, you can establish if this is a market opportunity.

For example, the difference between American English and British English may require a change to wording or content creation: i.e., the use of trousers and pants as they relate to clothing.

Product Line Segmentation:

You may wish to add new products to your business, by providing seed words CreatorSEO can establish search volumes, ease of implementation, word count usage etc.

From this information, you can garner if certain new product lines are worth the investment or if should you pivot into new services and products.

Geographic Segmentation:

Should you wish to expand into new markets it’s important to establish whether there is a market there at all. What is popular in one area may not be in another.

Their may also be restrictions on certain products and services within areas you wish to expand, so it’s important to factor this into results.

CreatorSEO can run keyword research across geographic locations establishing whether there is market value there.

Search Volume:

Of course, search volume across a wide variety of products and services is essential to understanding if new launches are ideal for your customers.

CreatorSEO can provide 100s of customer opportunities based on search volume and you can then decide which opportunities make the most sense to your business goals.

Above is just a brief snapshot of the many customer segments that can be established through CreatorSEO’s keyword research.

Why CreatorSEO?

Market research and Keyword research go hand in hand for many businesses which operate online, however, keyword research has a huge advantage in many ways.

CreatorSEO uses these advantages to provide you with the most accurate and useful information.

From establishing potentially 10s of thousands of keywords opportunities that can be used for content creation, market research and customer targeting.

Keyword research lets you know what your customers are looking for and allows you to provide these services and products.

CreatorSEO uses real-time data ensuring results, forecasts and potential opportunities are not missed.

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