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Welcome to the Malahide Pipe Band site (Work In Progress)

Welcome to the Malahide Pipe Band website.

The Malahide and District Pipe Band website was set up with the objective to give information about the band, its activities and contact details for anyone wishing to join up, support the band or just find out more information.

The website contains a various details about to current activities. In the menu options you will find a mixture of images and content which we intend to add to as the year progresses.

The objective of Malahide Pipe Band is teach piping and drumming to anyone interested, and to play at local events and competitions nation wide We hope you enjoy your time here and if you have and comments, suggestions or like more information about the band


a) To promote & encourage the culture and advancement of Piping and Drumming in Malahide and surrounding areas

b) To participate in Pipe Band competitions and represent the Malahide at competitions around the country

c) To offer piping and drumming tuition (beginners to advanced levels) in an environment that promotes and encourages fellowship between all members and other bands.

d) To support local events or other organisations where the spectacle of pipers or drummers would enhance the occasion


2013 – new joiners welcome, please contact the pipe band by email for more details.

If you are interesting in joining the band and learning to play what does it involve……

In summary we meet once or twice a week in Yellow Walls. Classes are held to teach people to play the Bagpipes and Snare Drums. The aim is to have a band that will play at competitions around the country and abroad during the Summer months, and to support other local events or charity events in the area too. At the same time the Band hopes to build a family friendly social aspect.

New joiners are welcome. The instruments are not particularly hard to play, but lots of practice and determination is needed to learn how to play, read music, learn scores and parade as one group. Beginners will need to supply their drum sticks and practice pads or practice pipe chanters to start. We can advise on that.

Fund raising and sponsorship is important and some subs are needed to cover the cost of running the band and for the purchasing equipment. Generally children 10+ years to adults can learn, if you have an aptitude for this, you will know very quickly. Young people generally can pick up the past time quickly and enjoy the music, competition and travel aspects

For more details on playing or just supporting the Band just email, Thanks

If you would like to see what a Juvenile Pipe Band sounds like playing at the World Championships here as some examples


A short synopsis of the history of the Malahide Pipe Band – the band was founded in 1954 and was orginaly known as St Sylvesters Pipe Band. It played at local events and competitions in locations such as the Balmoral Show Grounds Belfast, Harolds Cross Dublin, Dunoon-Cowal Scotland and at Fleadh Ceol in Tralee.

In the gallery below is a rare Irish Pipe Band Association certificate won playing in Howth. The details noted on the certificate are as follows: 2nd prize, Juvenile Section / Miniature Band Contest / Summit Ballroom Howth / 13th April 1958 / Piping Judge George Purcell / Drumming Judge Thomas Merrigan

The band was particularly noted for 'piping in' successful sports people into Malahide village, starting outside the village and marching over the railway bridge into Malahide. One particularly remembered occasion was the piping the successful golfer Tom Cradock into Malahide after wining a national golf competition.

The Band fell into hiatus around 1963. The economic situation at the time and demands on its members meant that the band could not function as before. It was not until 1993 that the band was re-established and began to practice in the same Band Room used 30 years before. It was with great support of the local community (for which the Band is in debited) and efforts of the then band members, that the band was kitted out to parade in public again.

In its first year the band won the All-Ireland 4B 1993 and became Champion of Champions in the same year. Since then the band has continued to meet and play. Most recently the Malahide Pipe Band played at the Howth East of Ireland Championships 2008 and won 2nd prize grade 4B and Best Drums.

When the Malahide Pipe Band was re-established it was noted that the grounds of Malahide Castle would be an great venue for the pipe band competition. This idea was pursued and a spin off from the band was a dedicated team who organised the Festival of Piping and Drumming. This proved to be a well attended and well regarded season opener, drawing bands from all over Ireland and Scotland to 2007.

The Band recently decided to develop a website that would contain information about the Band, updates etc and over the years become location for past any achievements, photos or events .



Over the past ten years the band has played all over Ireland namely, Bandbridge, Waterford, Lisburn, Killkenny, Gorey, Belfast, Arklow, Lisdoonvarna, Rostrevor, Mullingar, Clane, Letterkenny, Newcastle and of course Malahide

Some of the events or groups the Band has played for are Sea Scots Parades, Football Matches, Rugby Matches, St Sylvester GAA matches, Fingal Tourism Events, Cricket World Cup – Ireland, Old Folks Parties, Launching of Boats, Fund Raising Events, Drama Groups, Local Parades and playing successful local teams over the bridge in to Malahide village.




Once again the Malahide Pipe Band was invited back to play at the St Patrick Day parades in Slane and Drogheda. While the weather was changeable the crowds still turned out to make a memorable day

Also another pipe band competition was held in front of Malahide Castle in September which ended the 2013 pipe band season

This Summer the Malahide Pipe band also supported the Order of Malta's 30th International Summer Camp for Young Disabled event held in Clongowes Wood College, participating in the international flag ceremony


This year the band was invited back to play at the St Patrick Day parades in Slane and Drogheda. Also another pipe band competition was held in front of Malahide Castle in September which ended the 2012 pipe band season


This year the band supported the Lyons Club fund drive with the stream train trip and their Christmas appeal. The band also partook in the St Patrick Day parade in Slane and Drogheda. Recitals were also given during the year ending by competing in the Malahide Festival 2012 in Malahide Castle Grounds.


This year saw the reinstatement of the Malahide Festival – – which had a numerous of events over the weekend 22nd – 25th July. The Malahide Pipe Band joined the activities performing on the Green and later on New Street which was blocked of for the days events.


The Malahide Pipe Band played in the Malahide Pipe Band Competition 2010 which was held in the grounds of Malahide Castle – Bridgefield close to Malahide Cricket Grounds. The competition was reinstated after an absence of a few years. The competition was held on 26th June this year and the weather was kind providing good conditions for the bands. Some photo are displayed of the band playing in the arena in the Gallery section. Further details of other competitions will be posted during the year.


The Malahide Pipe Band played in two parades this year in Drogheda and Slane. Both parades were well attended with the good weather bring out the crowds on the day. Afterwards the band returned to Malahide to give another performance in the village in the evening, which again attracted a sizable crowd as the sound of the pipes and drums filled the streets. Further details of the bands 2010 events will follow in the months ahead.


Update – the Malahide Pipe Band was delighted to support the Malahide Lyons Club fund raising drive for Christmas 2009. The Band joined the fund raisers in Malahide village on 12th December to bring some music to the occasion.

The Malahide Band will be playing at the Sallins GAA club in county Kildare for the children's football tournament. Several teams from the area will participating in a one day tournament.

APRIL Update – the Malahide Pipe Band will be playing at Malahide Railway Station on 7th of June, as part of the arrival of a Steam Train and Lyons club excursion to Cooleys and Carlingford. It is 50 years since the last steam train served Malahide. For more details see the link below.

www –

Note – the 2009 date in the Pipe Band competition calendar, previously used by the Malahide Festivals of Piping and Drumming, is taken by a pipe band competition in Dungannon.

The most recent outing for the Malaide Pipe Band was St Patrick's Day. The band had a busy day playing in three locations. The band particpated in the parades in Drogheda – Louth, then Clane – Meath and to finish played a evening recital on the Diamond in the centre of Malahide village.

The Gallery contains pictures from St Patricks Day 2009

The focus now turns to the up coming competiton season where the band intends to particiate and build on last years performance. Practice continues twice a weekduring the Spring and Summer months


The tartan the Malahide Band wears is BRAVEHEART. It is a relatively new tartan that we inspired by the film of the same name in 1995

The tartan worn in the BRAVEHEART film is different to that worn as the band uniform. These kilts are made from the same 100% wool tartan woven in Scotland. Each kilt is made from a long piece of single-width fabric, about 25" wide. This allows the kilt to be pleated at the back. A sample of the tartan is shown in gallery.

This tartan was chosen when the band was reformed as it was a new design, not used by any other band in Ireland and the colours where similar to those associated with Malahide.

Introduction to Bagpipes

The bagpipe gets its name from its bag and its pipes. The three big pipes are called drones: the largest is the bass drone and the smaller two are tenor drones. The pipe with the holes is the chanter and the shortest pipe is the blowpipe. All of the pipes are attached to a air tight bag, which is enclosed within a decorative bag cover.

The bag is filled through the blowpipe, which has a one-way valve to prevent leakage. Air from the bag flows through the chanter and the drones, creating sound as it passes through the reeds. Every few seconds the piper refills the bag through the blowpipe.

The melody is produced entirely by the chanter, which has a powerful double reed. The chanter can play nine notes, ranging from low G to high A. It plays in the mixolydian mode.

The three drones use single reeds to play constant notes, with the tenor drones both playing one octave above the bass drone. The tenor drone plays the low A of the chanter and the bass drone is an A an octave lower. The drone notes harmonize with the melody notes played on the chanter in a similar manner to pedal tones in organ music.

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