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Often people feel stuck or overwhelmed and are not sure what to do or which way to go and that's where I come in – through the power of coaching I help them manage change and challenge in their career and personal life.

My name is Eileen Woodford and I work with clients who are dealing with change and/or challenge in their lives/work. I have had a lot of personal experience in dealing with change and crisis, and that experience is what I draw on to enable others to move through their own challenging times.

The results are greater self-belief, improved confidence, better work performance, the knowledge that you can face challenge and work through it, and much more.

I use all my skills and my own quirky personality to help clients achieve this, and they can be guaranteed to have me in their corner, working with and for them, in a supportive and confidential relationship.

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About to Retire?

RETIREMENT, this is somethingwe are all moving towards, an inevitable part of our lives…… close are you? Is it 10 or 20 years, five years or just one? And how are you feeling about this impending change in your life? Do you consider this to be a period of growth or decline? Do you think all will be over when you retire, or are you looking forward to new challenges in your life?
When asked how he felt about growing old, the American poet Oliver Wendell Holmes (then in his 70's) replied, "It is better to be 70 years young than 40 years old!" This is a great attitude, but alas, not the attitude everyone has towards age and retirement.

Personally, I have a problem with the word 'retirement'. The dictionary definition is "to give up one's work… withdraw, as to a secluded place….to retreat". Since 1900, life expectancy has increased dramatically, people are living longer & healthier lives. In turn, the number of years they have after they retire has increased. Also, more & more people are opting for early retirement. Do you think they all want to withdraw and retreat? I don't think so. Certainly Oliver Wendell Holmes didn't.


Brendan Kennelly (post and professor of modern literature at DCU) also shares this view, & suggests a new word – 'rebeginment' – to indicate another beginning or era ahead, with new challenges. After all, this is just another phase in our life. First we had school, then work & now 'rebeginment'. We all dream of having the time to buy the paper each day & read it from cover to cover; of being able to take part in our favourite activities more often, whether golf or gardening; of at least having time to read all the books on that list; time to visit cities, like Paris, Prague, or other destinations. So many things you have always wanted the time to do & now retirement will give you that time, or will it?

When people first retire, it is like a honeymoon period. Everything is still novel & exciting, there is no need to set the alarm clock, you can choose to go wherever you want whenever you want. All the restrictions of working life are gone & for a while this will feel great. There will be a sense of freedom……physically & psychologically. But will this last, if one very important factor has been overlooked, the very thing that kept us going through our life?

Sense of Purpose

Human beings thrive when they feel fulfilled, when they contribute to family and society. We need to have a purpose to get through the day, a reason for getting up in the morning. We need to feel motivated. Will the daily newspaper alone do that for you? Whatever you did during your working life is irrelevant, whatever your interests are is also irrelevant. You as a person is what is important & the things that give you a sense of purpose & a reason for getting up in the morning.

So what is the secret to a successful & fulfilled 'rebeginment' or retirement? How can you ensure that the years after you leave fulltime work are fruitful & enjoyable, giving you a sense of purpose? The answer is very simple – planning. Every aspect of your life needs a certain amount of planning, yet so many people approach retirement with none at all. This is a time when many changes will take place, a time when if not planned properly, will create many stresses, worries & possibly boredom. Retirement impacts not only the retiree but also partners & family members. Financial situations need to be looked at carefully & of utmost importance, is your own health & fitness – physical & mental.

So how soon do you need to start planning for your retirement? Is it not true that you should live each day as it comes, after all, you never know what may happen tomorrow! Absolutely live each day as it comes, & more importantly to the full, but that can also include some forward planning. We never know what is going to happen, so why sit around waiting? You are never too young to start planning financially. There are many good financial institutions that provide pensions, investments & financial advice, & with the overall population of the country ageing, there is more responsibility placed on all of us to provide for our own later life. Thie will be due to a decrease in people of working age, & a continuing increase of people aged 65 & over.

By now you are either looking forward to your retirement or depressed at the thought of it & if your feelings have changed since you began this article what has happened? Have you realised you are toatlly unprepared for the changes about to occur or are you at the start line ready for off??
Back to our old friend Oliver Wendell Holmes who said "Men do not quit playing because they grow old, they grow old because they quit playing".

Change – OMG!!

Will have text sorted in a couple of days, please bear with me 🙂

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