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Puncture immune is a liquid that is installed inside the tyre via the valve to instantly and repeatedly seal all types of punctures within the tread area of the tyre from nails, screws and other sharp objects as they happen for the entire life of the tyre
As you drive the liquid coats the inside of the tyre evenly,the liquid suspends itself to the inner casing while some is distributed through the tyre.
When a puncture occurs,Puncture immune immediately forms a secure seal preventing the air from escaping,instantly air loss is blocked and flat tyre is prevented

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Tyre lose pressure daily and most motorists are not able to monitor the pressure daily. In cool weather a tyre will loose 0.5 to 1kg of air pressure and in hot weather they loose even more air because of the expansion of the small holes in the tyre casing
Puncture immune seals all unnoticeable slow leaks and maintain correct air pressure therefore the tyre contact with the road will be maximised, the tyres will experience lesd wear and tear
Unde inflated tyres ovetheats easily,use more fuel and wear out quickly and over inflated tyres can shorten tyre life and reduce grip
Puncture immune ensures that tyres are well inflated at all times which extends the tyre life upto 15%
Puncture immune contains anti-freeze therefore it will remain effective under extreme temperatures whether cold or hot
It is non toxic, non inflammable and clean up easily with water
It is non corrosive making it safe for tyre rims
It contains Propylene glycol which is environmentally friendly and not harzadous

1.Cycle range
2.Auto range
3.Heavy duty range
4.Extra heavy duty
5.Ballast composition

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