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You have arrived here by intention, the intention to find your inner Self or the Truth. Nobody can take this path for you and you can not get a free ride on anyone else's. 

Without intention there is no direction, no focus.  Once you have the intention to seek the truth the universe will send you amazing assistance.

Below are a few services I offer, to make a booking or more info please contact me directly on my CONTACT  page .

I respond best to direct messages,email and whattsapp is most welcome.  If you prefer a chat please do not hesitate ,yet I ask that you state that in a msg. You will find my cell is on silent in ALL sessions hence why I am consciously directing you to message me first.





Intuitive Soul Guidance Session is Sacred Space.

It is your time to discover insight and clarity about key areas of your life.

Spirit will move us in the right direction, but it is only with your openness and permission that we can go deep .It is important to know that a session is uniquely yours, the information is not mine. Using sacred card decks, allowing you to select the cards that most resonates with you.

Depending on your personal needs, I will intuit  a card spread especially for you. I will Scribe the cards for you, reading from the images that resonate for you from the cards. During readings, I connect with the  source God, Angels, Guides, the Counsel of Divine Light and/or deceased loved ones to bring you the message that most helps you to align in your truest soul's path. 

During your Soul Session I will look into you, your life, and your personal  energetic Story.

Your Story is the accumulation of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs and fears about the world, and how you fit into it. It is through your Energetic Story you narrate your unique life experience.
In session you gain insight and clarity on where you are, and where you are heading.

By looking into your present flow we find ways to help you consciously create the life you want. Activating and empowering the areas that build you up, and give you life, and redirecting attention away from that which drains you.
Remember that everything is energy, and energy is fluid. So nothing is really set in stone. We, together  move energy and intention to make big magic, and big change in your life. The very act of participating in an Intuitive Soul Session will become a catalyst for change and inner transformation.

Mini Intuitive Soul Session/Reading: 30 minutes R125 

A Mini Reading focusing on ONE question. Email question prior to reading for a through answer in allotted time. Great for quick check-in ,decision making or before a longer session. Mini session are via whattsapp only 


General Intuitive Soul Session: 60 Minutes R 350

A general session offers insight into key areas of your life uncovering things you need to know and how you can use this wisdom for your wellbeing.



Sacred Smudging Session  

Sacred herbs and tree barks/woods are used in  A Shaman Blessing for a person, an object, an animal, or a physical  space
 During the Smudging Ritual,I pay homage to the Cardinal Directions and Elements, while Clearing and Shifting negative energies from the person, object, animal, or space.

By enhancing a positive and peaceful state, the Cleared Energy can deeply transform your ability to be Healthy, Creative, Happy, & Abundant, and enhance the feelings of protection and security.

During the Smudging Ritual,we will release the stagnant energies, cold/hot spots, and low level Energies that reside in the physical spaces being Cleared.

 The Sacred Smudging Ceremony purifies and helps to eliminate trapped vibratory resonances, while allowing the Mind, Body, and Spirit to maintain in a more stable vibrational frequency. During the Ritual, a person's Soul may open up more freely to receive Spirit, and some people may experience a a warming from within.

   Enquire on my contact page for pricing range R 350 



Energy Clearing and Intention Setting Session

Your energetic story is the narrative of your life. It is the accumulation of your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and fears about how you fit into the world, and how the world responds to you.
In the fast paced world that we live in it is easy to become overwhelmed, disconnected and completely out of touch. As the chasm between our inner and outer world grows wider, and deeper feelings of unhappiness, chaos and disenchantment become all pervasive.
You do not have to fall victim to this “forgetting”. The present moment always offers you a place of power to transform your life.
In an energy clearing and intention setting session we will pinpoint these places of resistance, pain and inflexibility. You will find what blocks of energy exist, and why. From there we will work together to move, transform and shift this energy to reflect your true intention, you authentic self!

You will begin with these key questions:


What is feeding my spirit? What is depleting my spirit?

From there we will look at what really makes your heart sing. What you really want in your life. This will give us a platform,  We will find your flow, your unique rhyme with the Universe. You will jump into infinity, spiral out into the vast sea of the creative unknown. And you will begin to feed your spirit, rather than your 


Day packages start at R650   – including a session and horse outride or beach meditation and body posture awareness. 

Complete Privacy and confidentiality.

Legal Stuff

Disclaimer These techniques, as well as, ALL other spiritual cleansing techniques 

DO NOT replace sound medical advice and treatment.
These are ONLY techniques for spiritual and energetic use! 
Make good choices with your health.
Use spiritual practices in combination with medical ones.
I am NOT a doctor, nor am I liable for your health. 
These techniques are for your personal use. 
Use at your own risk! 

A consultation is NOT a substitute for medical, psychological, or financial advice, seek out a doctor or an appropriate professional.
This is a spiritual and creative meeting. Each session will be unique to the person. With that said: “I am not reliable for any actions you take after your session. A session is only a stepping off point for you, with suggestions and prompts.”
Legally.. A reading is for “Entertainment Purposes only”. I am not responsible for what you do with the information or how you act upon it.
You are responsible for payment of a reading and all payments must be paid PRIOR to the session, or arrangements for cash exchange discussed.

Phone readings must be paid and proof sent before your session
You must inquire about a reading at least 24 hours in advance (48 is more reasonable) and agree upon a day and time for us to speak. DO NOT assume that I will read for you within a few hours of contacting me. Be mindful of my time and schedule an appointment like you would with any other professional. 
Punctuality is of the utmost importance with a session, as I have many clients. You are responsible for the time allotted. If you are late to a session then we will have to shorten your time to accommodate the next client’s session (and you are still responsible for the full payment of the time scheduled). If you need to cancel or reschedule, please respect my time, and do it 24 hours in advance (Unless it is an emergency).
A good rule of thumb for time between sessions is 3 months, unless something major happens and you want to check in.
I have the right to deny working with anyone,Please be respectful .


Book your Session 


BOOK NOW…it is the NOW that we Live in.



Still Reading….Fabulous

was born an strong Intuitive and Empath, a deep connection to animals enables me to facilatate healing and inner communication.
I now share with others through various platforms , how they can access their intuition, and develop self-love, clarity, and peace, conscious creators of their reality.
Please don’t think just because of understanding that my life has been a breeze, Just like you, I’ve had self-esteem issues, have given into emotional delusions ,been in less than desirable relationships, and sticky situations trying to figure out what I could do that would make me successful and HAPPY. Iam happy and love the person I am .
What I believe…
I believe that we were all born with intuition and that when we tap into it, we will be guided by our inner wisdom,higher self to our best and highest purpose of love.
I believe that by shifting our thoughts, conditioning, and beliefs , we can consciously create…
I believe that our emotions serve as part of an internal feedback system, helping to guide us in the direction of our deepest desires and dreams ,the divine God Connection.
I believe that by taking conscious control of our thoughts, programming, and belief-system, we can better understand to our emotional suffering and enjoy our joyful moments thoroughly!
I believe that happiness is in the NOW
I believe in LOVE

I believe we get to choose what we believe…come dance abit …

I offer a one-on-one program, where I partner  with people … who believe they design their Destiny , Go Team Co creators ! Iam not a guru . The work is yours alone,yet it can be helpful to have a passionate non judgmental cheer leader so to speak .

 Living RAW:
 When I eat “raw,” I feel more alive. I’m feel more in-tune and connected to the pulse around m,through me .  A blog perhaps in on the way,sharing my family's journey back to our roots. Also seriously looking into healthy ,happy breeding program with Great Danes . Gentle Misunderstood gaints with hearts of love and loyalty .

Harbouring Life- The Transition to Family

Sacred Spiritual approach to pregnancy ,child birth, . Conception to one year is a special passion of mine. A mama of three beautiful soul's, whom are my greatest teachers on Mother Earth . 

My heart , My home is open to any and all moms …my hands open ,recieve my love!

Thank you for connecting with me in this space, I hope you leave lighter and shining brighter.


If you did not find what you where looking for, please share my site with others,we are all seeking the way home and perhaps my hand of companion light and love may be just what another seeks and resonates with! 

Thank you 








Light Sessions

Live Light  With Intuitive Coaching

A partnership for personal empowerment. Connect to the Flow of the Universe, and your highest potential. Discover big change, and real magic in your life!

Live Light Coaching Sessions are an expanded Intuitive Soul Session.
We will work through  key areas of your life to reveal the interplay of Cosmic forces, and your personal intentions.
You will discover your personal flow.
Touching on major influences in your life.
Shinning light on places of resistance, and points of pain.
Revealing how to best optimize your energy and efforts for success, wellness and personal empowerment.
Each Light Session is a unique overview of you, and your story. 
I offer support through intuitive insights, and creative prompting for personal growth and healing.
I might direct you to resources and info to support your personal practice.
Create personalized affirmations and creative visualizations.
Offer writing, and journal prompts.
Suggest shadow work, sacred ceremony, and spiritual cleansing.
Send out good energy for seeds of change.

Your Light session will create a sacred environment to nourish and support you on your path. As we partner together to create change, and find clarity, you are invited to ask questions and share your personal stories. Your Light Session is a time for magic, and transformation…I call it shining time!


How Will You Benifit from Personal Live Light Coaching? 

Gain Clarity about your life path. What is working and what isn’t.
Have loving support and guidance from an empathetic person in your life.
Gain accountability by showing up, and doing the big work!
Find ways to be present in your body, life and spirit.
Be heard and validated.
Understand what is in your head and heart in a way that benefits you and others.
Explore your spirit!!

Feel better. Feel alive. Feel magical. Make things happen!

Through a series of 8 one-on-one sessions I will offer insight, and support ,a companion hand, in particular areas or issues of your choosing. This can be healing, releasing a stuck point, going bigger with your dreams, developing your intuition, or navigating a hazy area in your life.

Complete 8 Sessions for R 2500

Pay per session at R 400 per session 

 Book Now on my contact pageheart


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