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What is wealthy?

WEALTHY is a global mutual aid community. How do we help each other? We donate money. In today’s world, all people need money – one, who has no money, is supported by somebody else.

The Community members donate money peer-to-peer to each other. WEALTHY only connects the donator and receiver. WEALTHY is financial social networks, where people send request by email, specify their contact details, as well as the account which they want to receive the money on. You might be at a loss: “Why would anybody need to donate me money?”

wealthy has got weekly share's from kipi and monthly shares from MMM, so do not panic about the risk because wealthy receive 600% per month from kipi and 30% MMM, in this 600% you''ll receive 100% of your R100 which means you''ll get R200 after 30 days, as you know that kipi has got 9000 000 members and mmm has got 140 millionparticipants worldwide and kipi has good history about payments from 1995 until today, so that why we develop this system like this so that we can benefit from them.

Why do participants of WEALTHY donate money to each other?

Have you ever given money to a stranger? Or have you ever received money as a gift from a stranger? Probably not. But think: isn’t it reasonable for a person, when he has money to spare (money that he doesn’t need at the moment), to give it to his close people, and then, when he needs it, to get it back as a gift? In fact, this practice is not new, its roots go deep into the wisdom of ancient times, and even has been preserved in communities of different nations of the world. Their members still help and support each other through local mutual funds. But the disadvantage of the local mutual fund is that it unites a small group of people familiar with each other.

Therefore, absolutely different system of financial relations dominates in the modern world – its central place belongs to the banks. So, when people have spare money, they put it on a bank account. And when they need money, they borrow it from banks as a loan. Loan interest rates are always higher than deposit interest rates – this margin is the profit of the banks. But you must admit: if it were possible, instead of a loan from the Bank, to get donation from other people at the right time, it would be more profitable (there would be no need in paying intermediaries), more convenient (you would return the money when you can, but not by the deadline) and safer (no one could seize your property for non payment of debt).

The problem is sure to be the lack of trust between people: “How can I be sure that if I donate today, tomorrow somebody will donate me?” In order to solve the problem, people have joined in WEALTHY: we create the Community whose members can really trust each other. There are no legal guarantees in WEALTHY, but there is a well-established algorithm for providing and receiving assistance. New members constantly come to us: we teach them the ways of mutual aid and give them the opportunity to become financially independent.

Donating money, we do not only help each other, but also change the very nature of financial relations between people. Where is money concentrated today? In the stock exchange, in the foreign exchange (forex). But today, investors buy and sell shares more often not to manage the company whose shares they are buying. Today, the value of national currencies hasn’t been supported by gold or any other goods. Stocks, currencies, bonds are losing their original purpose, and turning into an instrument for speculation. Investors are willing to buy anything which could be resold at a higher price. But the more virtual and ephemeral assets are, the higher the risk and the probability of collapse of the financial markets we have. The modern model of financial relations is becoming less effective and more obsolete. And the alternative to it, as we believe, is the donation exchange. Because donations are supported by the most valuable thing in this world – the personality of the donator, his hopes, his intentions, his will. Therefore donation exchange is the most promising, most efficient and most perfect form of money exchange.


How to join wealthy?


There is no central account, where all the money flows to (and where it can be easily stolen from :-)). All the money is proccess via money market, SPAR OR SHOP RITE. Participants transfer RANDS directly to mmoney market , without intermediaries! (What are they for? :-)) In fact, WEALTHY only regulates the process and nothing more.

I.e. the System completely belongs to people. Without fools! It is a real mutual aid fund, where ordinary people help each other.

The advantage of mutual aid relationship – you don’t have to enter legal relations with each other in order to donate each other money. Therefore WEALTHY Community is not  investment project, nobody sign any contracts or any other securities here. WEALTHY does not have any common account to keep money.

Follow the steps to register.

NB: before you follow steps below it is advisable to read terms and conditions for wealthy community.

Step 1: email your name, surname, cell phone, date of birth and bank account to:

Step 2: you will receive SPAR OR SHOP RITE details to make a deposit in your nearest money market

Step 3: after you complete a deposit, scan and email a proof of payment to:

Step 4: after you completed all the above steps, you will receive your date of payment via cell phone or email.

Step 5: sit back and relax and wait for your payment date.

Note: good news is that we count weekend and holidays so that all participants will get their rewards in time but if your date is in Sunday we will postponed to the next Monday. Every sunday participants will receive weekly update.


note: at this moment , minimum is R100 AND and maximum is R100 AND again we take 4 members per month until our system is running smooth, maybe after 3 months we will increase members, why? we're so different because we have weekly share's at kipi.


R100 R200 30 days
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Terms and conditions

Agreement to join wealthy community

Our wealthy community – mutual aid community

The collective funding by individuals to assist each other to achieve their goals/dreams in life by motivating and guiding individuals to achieve their goals and assist in financially achieving them. I officially declare that I have taken a decision to join wealthy social financial corporation community. I do this without any force from participants of community, being of sound mind and memory by my own wish and I take the responsibility for my actions and consequences. I accept the consequences of my decision to participate as one of the members of Community Corporation, both evident and none evident, as described, well-known or undescribed and unknown to me or any of the other members of the corporation. I know that this wealthy is a community of people united. I understand that the wealthy rules are only the requirements (or recommendations) which describe the behaviour of the community; the rules are not well-defined rules and may be changed or revoked at any time without any reason or explanation. I know that within the framework of its activities the community has no official registration, and does not have any license and / or authorizations for financial, business or other activities. I acknowledge that, each participant has the right to carry on activities not related to the activities of the community, and they do not have or require licenses and permits.

I understand that the wealthy community is not officially registered, and it has no legal entity or address. I understand that in return for the money I deposited, I get virtual conventional units, which participants agreed to designate as comminuty. I am willing to make voluntary donations to other community members of community I understand that by making donations to other parties in community I am helping them to achieve their dream. I understand that this means the receiving community member (community member community) can manage the resources that I send, for their sole discretion or any other reason. I understand that community's members can manage the funds I have donated for their needs, at their own discretion without explanations. I understand that on the wealthy community, I can create and describe my own dream and after 30 days, ask other members to help me make it a reality. I understand that none of the wealthy community members community are under any obligation to help me fulfil my dream and that any cash proceeds, other than from me, are their donations. This document is drawn up in accordance with the law and it is an integral part for participating in the project. All warnings / concerns are presented in a language I understand and translated into my language intelligently. The project organizers reserve the right to make changes in this document and in the rules / recommendations published on the site. I declare that I registered by emailing my request to: being of sound mind and good memory by my own wish and without any pressure. I sign the document by my electronic signature and agree with arrangement of individuals described in the rules on the site wealthy. I understand and accept full responsibility for my decision and waive my right to further litigation against community or its members, and / or appeal to the authorities to complain or claim compensation.


C r e a t e d b y w e a l t h y smith




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