What's The Important Thing For Your Business Website Designing?


According to the study, it takes just 2.6 seconds from the time a page loads for a person's eyes to focus on a specific element on it. From a design perspective, this means that whatever your visitors are looking at first better be good.


Website Design Facts to be cure

Search Engine Friendly Websites

Designers need to build Websites Search Engine Friendly as major search engines control88.8%of today’s internet traffic.


People also aren’t keen

On cartoons and drawn images. Instead, they want to see photographs and live images versus those images made-up through artwork.


Internet Users are not patient

Consumers only wait an average of 4 to 20 seconds for a page to load, so load time optimization is a must.


Accessibility in Website

Design has changed dramatically over the past few years, mainly due to new mobile devices being capable of real-time, broadband internet access. That said the 1024 X 768 screen resolution still incorporates20%of users.


Terms of reader accessibility

Almost one out of five internet users or18%needs assistance from website design. So designers also need to take this issue into account.


Pages as boundaries

In a website are no longer viable. Again, mobile devices and wide computer screens have made the idea of a website page obsolete. A page can be as big or as small as a designer wants it to be.


In terms of design coding

46%of designers are now utilizing HTML5 versus earlier versions of website code. Chrome represents25%, and Safari and Opera make up the remainder among the HTML5 readers. Internet Explorer makes up almost95% of non-compatible HTML5 browsers still in use.


Speaking of brewers

In general, Mozilla Firefox is the number one preferred browser chosen by Internet users. The number of users in the Firefox camp outnumbers those with Internet Explorer, even though IE installed by default on all PC machines using Windows OS. Hence this fact has to be considered as part of Design.


How much does it Cost to Hire a Website Designer?

 Different factors that the cost of a website depends on:


  • The quality of the graphics designed
  • The number of pages the site will have
  • If the designer also writes text for you
  • If the site will be optimized to rank well on Google


The more time that a designer spends creating the graphics for your website, the more they will charge. Most quotes for web design are based on the number of hours it takes to create the graphics. It's similar to how a construction company estimates the cost to build a house. It all depends on how big and fancy the house is going to be.


A Good Website design eventually ends up costing closer to $500 or $5000.


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