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My life as a yoga mat


I’m forced to work in a yoga studio. There’s no pay. it’s not voluntary. The tranquility of the studio is very agreeable. Incredibly kind souls here. But I have no comparable environment for comparison. I’ve been here since birth at the factory. I’m reflecting on the recent diversity of the visitors here at the studio over the recent months. Young and old. Eclectic accents. And more prevalent recently are visitors bringing their own yoga mats and yoga bags, many incredibly adorned with beautiful prints brands like Vagabond-Goods. Some more tacky than others, but you didn’t hear that from me. I’m a standard issue medium blue rubber with microfiber top. I do my job dutifully. Noticing many of our patrons drawing inspiration / pride from the colorful accessories they bring. It doesn’t reek of a materialistic bragging, rather a sort of embodiment of their spirit for kindness, loving, giving. yoga mat towel

How does someone express their earnest for a  more peaceful existence. It seems through holistic colors that homage the earth. The acknowledgment of spirituality outlined in some Buddhist mantras. The ubiquitous peace sign (eyes rolled). But I like all this effort. America is synonymous with individuality and self expression. Why should yoga accessories be austere. Tragically boring blue PVC rubber like me.

I like this pride in self expression. It seems a real point of conversation between people who have never met. Everyone is sharing stories / sources of their unique yoga gear. This trend lately gives the studio almost a more communal sense, a warmth. It’s definitely more colorful. The yoga bags are made of “fabrics sourced from around the world”, incredible textures and prints. People using terms like boho and vagabond. So hot right now. I guess. (I’m just a rubber mat so without a pre-frontal cortex I can’t cast judgement.)(But I’ll still make sarcastic comments on my Instagram account).

Exotic lookingyoga bags, straps, water bottles, yoga pants. Woven fabrics, leathers, no plastic. It feels purposeful. Thankfully there’s a sense of longevity.




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