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Welcome to Computer And Laptop Services


Rise of HACKERS...!!

Hackers has been around for a lot longer than anyone think. But it did not start with the Interne. People have been breaking codes & hacking into things for asa long time. Some hackers used their skills for profit, while others did so for more altruistic purposes. Also, a few hacked for the time honored tradition in pranking others. So, Long before computers, hackers were already around, breaking into phone networks, punch-card machines & even into telegraphs.

1. In 1903, Nevil Maskelyne Hacked A Wireless Telegraph Demonstration

The moment it became physically possible to hack into something, someone did it. And That someone name was Nevil Maskleyne, history first hacker & he was around a lot earlier than anyone expect. Also, one can get support for AOL mail services at AOL Mail UK. He hacked into a live telegraph demonstration in 1903.

2. In 1940, Rene Carmille Hacked The Nazi’s Database Of French Jews

Rene Carmille known as the “first ethical hacker” in history & it’s safe to say that he earned the title. Carmille wasn’t some zealous anti-Semite; he had a plan. He hacked his own computers so that no matter what the Nazis put on someone's file, they never actually labeled anyone as Jewish. So, Carmille was a punch-card computer expert who owned the machines that the government of France used to process information.

3. In 1971, Steve Jobs And Steve Wozniak Got Their Start As Hackers

Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak got their start doing something else: hacking into phone systems.Wozniak read the Esquire article on Joybubbles and the phone phreaks, and he thought it was thrilling. Excitingly, that he tracked down one of the phone phreaks mentioned in it, John “Captain Crunch” Draper & invited him over to his house.

4. In 1969, RABBITS Was Probably The First Computer Virus

The first computer virus in history may have been a program called RABBITS. No one knows nothing & nobody knows why, but whoever it was brought the University of Washington Computer Center down. It was a tiny, inconspicuous program that made copies of itself—breeding, as its name suggested, like rabbits. Also , one can get Canon Printer Support at Canon Customer Service. The program made two copies of itself & then each of those copies made copies until the computer overloaded & stopped working.

5. In 1975, John Walker Created The First Trojan Horse Virus

The first person to trick people into installing a virus on their computers was John Walker. Two years before the first home computers went on the market. Walker also said that he didnot invented it for ill purpose.

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