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Welcome to amandahgeardwrites, your Imagination Specialist


Who Am I?

My name is Amanda H. Geard and I am a writer of science fiction, science fantasy, speculative fiction and occasional horror.

Therefore, I think I have a unique perspective when it comes to editing both of these genres that I love, because I have some idea of what it is that editors and publishers are looking for.

I specialise in editing science fiction, science fantasy, speculative fiction and horror, as novels, novellas and short stories.

I completed the Copy-editing online short course through UCT and GetSmarter at the end of 2013, and received a certificate of completion for it in 2014, showing that I had passed it according to their requirements.

However, I am also a natural editor, and had worked as a freelance proofreader for www.write-way-freelancers.comin 2009 and 2010, having been offered the position solely on my critiquing ability within the writers’ group I was a part of, and that one of the owners of the website ran at the time.


Writing, as both an art and a craft, is far from easy.

Choosing just the right word; writing a story that resonates with readers; creating characters readers care about; and writing a novel or novels that people want to buy and tell their friends about, all take practice and care.

This can be even more difficult when writing science fiction and horror.

At amandahgeardwrites, I believe in editing your short story or novel with as much care as you took writing it.

I am a line-by-line editor, which means I read through your short story or novel line by line, pointing out everything from spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes to plot holes and if a character’s eyes or hair change, amongst other things.

I will provide you with an evaluation of your story or novel once I have finished editing it, pointing out areas in need of improvement.


Rates and Prices

As a fiction editor, I charge from 15 to 25 cents a word (ZAR) (South African Rands).

I welcome stories and novels from within South Africa – I’m based in Cape Town, South Africa – and internationally too.

If you send me details about your manuscript, I will provide you with a free quote, as long as you include what country you are from, so that I know what currency you use, and can provide a quote accordingly.

If you would like to have an idea of how I edit, please send me the first chapter of your finished novel in a .doc or .docx format, and I will edit it for free.

I require that new clients pay a deposit of 50%, with the balance to be paid within 30 days from my date of invoice, upon completion of my work to the client’s satisfaction.

Regrettably, because of past experience, I find that this is essential.

Bank transfer is my preferred method of payment.



"Amanda Geard could be an invaluable resource to any author who needs help with spelling, punctuation, or other mechanical errors. In the past two decades, I estimate I’ve received critiques of my writing from a thousand different readers from around the world. During that time, their feedback has helped me to sell nearly eighty stories and articles. Amanda has consistently shown a better eye for detail than any other person who’s critiqued my work. She has a rare gift that’s well worth the price for any author who hopes to be published."

Jeff Cates

Rising Star Award Winner



Book Reviews

Welcome to the Imagination Library! This is where I hope to post book reviews like the one below.

Uncommonly Good: Special Edition Review

Just posted this to the GoodReads Pageunder the name Amanda H.If anyone else is interested in reading it, it’s available to buy on


I was given a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Below are my thoughts on each story, which I wrote down after I’d read each one.

These stories have a little bit of everything for everyone, from magic realism to fantasy to horror and science fiction, and you’re sure to find at least one, if not more, stories to enjoy reading here.

The Machine Needs Fuelby Joriah Wood

A creepy little story about nine-year-old Lydia whose fatigue leads to her father, Parker, taking her to an unusual doctor and the discovery of her special abilities, the lengths she will go to maintain them – and what decision that leads Parker to make in the end…

11.11by Tausha Johnson

A different type of reunion involving kindred spirits, with deadly consequences. Sometimes we block events from our minds for a reason is at least part of the moral of this story.

The Hanging Gardens of Brooklynby Rhoads Brazos

A strange story that, to me at least, read like a retelling of the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve and the serpent, along with a stranger with extraordinary powers of creation who takes up residence in a poor neighbourhood in a city ruled by gangs and ends up befriending the girl next door. You never know who you might next meet seems to be the moral of this story.

Fringlingby J.D. Harpley

What would you do if you became embodied with the ultimate power, that of creation and destruction? This story provides a different take on a possible answer to that question. So far, this story is my favourite in this anthology, probably because it’s science fiction and I understand it better than the others I’ve read here.

The Tombstone Man and the Coming of the Tigressby Nillu Nasser

A story about an encounter with a goddess and how that changes the lives of two people.

Trouble Signsby Jonathan Shipley

A mother-in-law who collects signs causes trouble for a soccer mom hosting her husband’s boss for dinner. A curiously weird story.

In the Peripheryby Erica Ruhe

A story about a clone aboard a spaceship and the truth her memories uncover, and what that means for the rest of the inhabitants, human and otherwise.

Skin by Brent Meske

A horror story where a bullied plus-sized girl puts her sudden new ability to mould and sculpt flesh to sometimes terrifying, but unusual uses. This one reminded me of the movie, and the book, Carrie, by Stephen King, except that her abilities were different. It also shows the lengths that hatred for others will drive us to do, and the consequences of those acts, which we will then have to live with.

Don’t Touch Meby Bey Deckard

An illegal fighter who can’t bear to be touched finally gets the chance to touch the love of his life, even though he has not much time left to live. A bad boy romance with a unique twist, this story. There is some swearing in this one, for those who prefer not to read that sort of thing, but I felt it fitted the story and the characters. I enjoyed reading this one more than I expected to.

The Enemy Beyond the Wallsby Daniel Arthur Smith

This story is about a young girl who knows her maths and, especially, trigonometry, in a protected city where knowledge of such subjects is forbidden, and how she uses it to destroy the enemy beyond the city’s walls. I must admit, I never understood trigonometry in school, but this story explained it to me far better than any teacher could. I loved the touches of humour in this story too.

Daedalus’ Daughterby P.K. Tyler

An interesting story about a young woman who begins sprouting feathers after her father’s death. A curious one this, as there’s no explanation given for it, but I love that she finds love

with a stranger soon after a move based on her inheritance during the story. Definitely a different kind of story, but well worth reading.

In general, this collection of stories was well-edited, although I noticed a few little mistakes here and there. However, I do that with whatever I’m reading, and it’s easy for someone to miss something here and there.

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