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Welcome to Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy Dublin

Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy in Dublin

Starting Autumn 2017, Stuart Morgan-Ayrs will be opening a regular clinic in Dublin. Stuart has been in practice since 1993 and has worked in Wales, England and Scotland including Harley Street and Edinburgh.

Stuart retains his Scottish clinics, but opened a clinic in Dublin 2017.

Stuart is a multi modal integrative therapist specialising in providing therapy support according to individual client / couple needs based around research evidenced treatment methods.


Stuart is registered with the International Council of Psychotherapists,and also a number of UK professional bodies including the National Council of Psychotherapists and the National Association of Counsellors Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists.

Stuart trained initially in psychodynamic, humanistic and cognitive behavioural psychotherapy alongside clinical hypnotherapy and was externally assessed with an NVQ Level 4 T&D as well as gaining his professional diploma. He then completed a second accreditation in the same areas with the NACHP for additional validation. He has also completed extensive diplomas and CPD training in a range of models as well as a BA(Hons) Open degree in psychology and philosophy of the mind topics and a MSc in Psychology.

Stuart is also registered with the CNHC voluntary regulator for complementary therapies set up with UK government funding. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health and the Institute of Health Promotion & Education.


Stuart provides humanistic and philosophy based psychotherapy, and psychodynamic based psychotherapy. His style is integrative and multi modal.


Stuart provides:

  • Psychodynamic psychoanalysis
  • Active Mindfulness based analysis
  • Modelling and flow analysis
  • Cognitive behavioural analysis (including CBASP)
  • Hypno-analysis


Stuart is a qualified and CNHC & FHT registered hypnotherapist providing cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, vidualisation based, Ericksonian and story based hypnosis.


Stuart uses MBSR, MBCT, taught mindfulness, Naikan, Morita and other combined forms of both passive and active mindfulness in his practice. He is FHT listed under mindfulness.


Stuart is registered with the UK Pink Therapy Directory and provides assistance to all groups including LGBTQI*, and BDSM.

Clinical Conditions

Where clinical conditions such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, stress, anger or other mental health issues are present, Stuart requires the client to maintain medical professional support, and bases therapy around research evidenced methods of assistance.

More information is available at Stuart's Scottish site at SCOTTISH SITE & BLOG

Contact Stuart for information and a free email chat in confidence HERE

Issues Assisted

Issues assisted in the Dublin psychotherapy practice

All methods used as core treatments are research evidenced and/or recommended in the UK by NICE (national institute of clinical excellence). Full references for treatement are listed at our main site.

Psychotherapy and Mindfulness for Anxiety

A number of psychotherapy and psychology methods are recommended and evidenced as effective for anxiety. CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy is often recommended, although alone it can be considered "cold" or too formulaic for many clients.

MBCT or Mindfulness based cognitive therapy is a softer and more holistic model of therapy which incorporates methods of active and passive mindfulness. Active mindfulness is analytic and examines how we think so changes can be made. Passive works on tools of relaxation and calmness that can be used in difficult situations and as preventatives.

Hypnotherapy, especially Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) is effective in much the same way as MBCT since it uses change methods and provides tools for support and relaxation and prevention.

The causes of anxiety for each person vary and often incorporate interpersonal, environmental and development (experiences) factors, therefore psychoanalytic and integrative psychotherapeutic methods help us to get to triggers and causes.

Psycho-education also helps us to monitor, manage and react positively to anxiety and trigger situations and is education based, providing tools and prevatative knowledge and self care ideas.

Psychotherapy for Depression

Depression can be short, medium or long term. Short term depression is often assisted with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Methods or Mindfulness based methods. Longer term (medium to long) can be assisted with a more holistic approach, often with psychodynamic therapy or an integrative style. Long term depression, including treatment resistant depression, is often assisted with MBSR or CBASP (Cognitive Behavioural System of Psychotherapy) which was specifically developed for this condition.

Unipolar depression is where the client experiences states of depression. Bi-polar depression is where these can also be interspersed with manic episodes of elevated mood to unhealthy levels.

Anxious depression is where anxiety and depression co-exist.

OCD or Obsessive compulsive Behaviour

OCD is often intrusive thoughts, but can also be repeated behaviours. It coexists with many other conditions including classically anxiety, but also depression and mood disorders including bipolar depression. Depending what other conditions may also exist, OCD tends to respond well to CBT, hypnotherapy and active mindfulness.

PTSD Post Traumatic Stress disorder

PTSD can be as a result of a specific single event, multiple events, or a prolonged traumatic period of life (period of abuse for example). It is very person specific and is handled through a combination of specific methods, holistic therapy and anxiety management.

Eating Disorders & Self Harm

Eating disorders and Self Harm occur when the person is in distress. Clasically the person gains "release", "clarity" or "control" from the actions, but this can be different in some cases and all cases are NOT all alike. A flexible but systematic approach is required tailored to the presenting conditions and individual person. Multi-modal therapy involving a number of effective and evidenced methods tends to work well.

Stress Management

Stress responds well to a combination of psycho-education or life coaching to better control or adapt to the environment and life balance, combined with therapy to address any triggers or underlying factors, and methods of self relaxation and stress reduction. Hypnotherapy based stress management and forms of mindfulness including MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) are typically used.

Anger Management

Anger is not a "bad" thing. Therefore really we should say "inappropriate anger management". Anger responses that are out of proportion, not experienced at the real source of irritation, or experienced for maladaptive reasons are all usually assisted with a combination of analysis and stress management. Analysis identifies what is causing the outbursts (which is very individual), stress reduction reduces build up, and psycho-education leads to preventative work. "Off the shelf" anger management books can actually lead to worse problems since they tend to cause repression or "screwing the pressure cooker lid down", rather than real resolution of individual issues.

Performance and Sports Coaching and Hypnosis

Public speaking, performance and sports confidence and performance can all be assisted with sports / performance hypnosis, CBT and mindfulness. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is also often effective.

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